February 4, 2009

To Heal the Earth #3: Make cuffs. Go with music. Stories*: The Revolution of the Mommies, part 1+2

I like to listen to music as I make cuffs,

and sometimes my IPOD speaks to me.

Neko Case…

Cutting is fun!

When you take something big and cut it down into little pieces,

you see a lot that you didn’t before…

Three yellow roses stitched consecutively by accident! I had not noticed that before!

The Revolution ball in NYC was so fulfilling last weekend that the Brothers have been inspired to call the San Francisco ball The Rebirth Ball, because, afterall if heaven is the future why do we refuse to go there now?

And it’s just in time for the Chinese New Year Celebration!

Are you going to San Francisco? (that’s the link to the top secret evite)

Now it’s time to settle in for a story!

The Revolution of the Mommies Part 1+2=you*


to be concluded tomorrow…

R.U. going to San Francisco?

come and get cuffed!

link to evite

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Read 2 comments and reply

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