Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Oil ~ a veggie, non-toxic source of Omega 3 & 6 & GLA & SDA. Whatever that is.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 30, 2009
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First, the bad news: hemp won’t get you high.

Okay, the good news: Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Oil is grrreat for vegetarians, first of all, who can’t get Omega 3 and 6 and Gamma Linolenic Acid and Stearidonic Acid from most other non-fishy sources. And fish, these days, is loaded with mercury, so this might be a good alternative for every-body (though I’m told by those who know what they’re talking about that fish oil is mercury-free).

Anyways, I’m young and healthy and think I’ll live forever, so really I don’t know squat about health. I do love the environment, so dig that this is organic and that the kajillions of acres and farmers on those acres aren’t getting doused with daily rounds of cancerous chemicals.

And, as a big boy who likes to eat, I know that this healthy stuff tastes good, which is vital. If it don’t taste good, you could give me the Life-Giving Elixir itself and I’d stick to my nachos and salads and spaghetti and pizza and stuff I like, anyways. I put it on salads, on pasta, even on popcorn.

Finally, I happen to know the company behind the product a bit, and whenever I partake of their products I feel like I’m supporting a better world. These are good, solid, altruistic, happy, smart people who love health and the planet.

Good enough for me—this is one natural product review I’ll keep buying after I’ve finished my mmmm mmm free samples.


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6 Responses to “Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Oil ~ a veggie, non-toxic source of Omega 3 & 6 & GLA & SDA. Whatever that is.”

  1. Jenn Tuck says:

    My hubby recently started using this product….i did not realize it could be a fish oil alternative…

    I was told by my acupuncturist that taking a fish oil supplement would be beneficial..however was told to beware that not all are mercury free….that only certain companies are…. so its good to know that there are alternatives!!

  2. other vegan alternatives via :

    Gary Smith Oils all go rancid. The best bet for omega 3's are walnuts, hemp seeds or ground flax seeds – much better for the environment than oils and less cruel and more effective than fish oil.

    William Harryman Here is one product – – the problem with any vegan source is that you will need a LOT of them to get the necessary intake for health purposes – gets very $$

  3. Luana Streltzer says:

    I have been taking fish oil primarily for the EPA and DHA, the active forms of omega-3 to help regulate my mood and brain function. Many of the vegan alternatives such as flax seed, hemp seed, or walnuts contain ALA which is a precursor, non active omega-3. It does convert into EPA and DHA in our bodies, yet it is so minimal that there are no significant mental health benefits. I just learned about Echium and Algal Oil derived from plant and marine algae which have significant amounts of EPA and DHA!! Ascenta Health offers an omega-3 supplement called Nutra-Vege containing both Echium and Algal oils. Expensive but a vegan alternative that works!

  4. Good stuff, too, we reviewed that in our days as a print mag.

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