Ugly Your Bike #2. Rust Stickers (Anti-theft for bicycles)

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on Mar 31, 2009
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bike stickersSecond in a series on How Not to Get Your Nice New Bike Stole.

On my way to lunch at The Kitchen with a representative of Chefs Up Front/Operation Frontline today, I popped by one of Boulder’s proud institutions, University Bicycles, to get a quick checkup for my Masi commuter bike. Getting my tires pumped up, two gentlemen approached, said they were from Denver area, were more or less familiar with elephant (ye old magazine, before we went web only), and we got to talking about my once-lovely, now-ugly Masi commuter bike.

Now why in heck would you want to make a gorgeous bike…ugly?

If you don’t want to see it stolen, is why. Having seen my Bianchi Milano fall into hands of a nefarious, green-minded and health-conscious thief, I resolved not to let my Masi fall to the same fate. So I took off the lovely cork handgrips and put on some used, ugly black rubber ones. I bought some neon green fluorescent stickers and pasted ’em all over. With bungie cords, I strung my office’s wire mail inbox on the back of my bike, in lieu of a nice bike rack. I stuck an elephant sticker on my 35 buck LED front light.

While I couldn’t bear to ugly up the cool fenders, I now have a bike that, while still highly-functional, wouldn’t catch too much bling bling bike thief attention. Still, it’s a fine bike and I get a lot of compliments on it—a sign I haven’t done my work thoroughly.

One of the gentlemen, Michael Lloyd, asked about my Masi admiringly. When I told him I’d been trying to ugly-it-up, he mentioned these (and later emailed me the link to the below). Brilliant.

Click image for more:

ugly your bike stickers


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10 Responses to “Ugly Your Bike #2. Rust Stickers (Anti-theft for bicycles)”

  1. Ha, that's funny. I know Mike Lloyd. Well. You called him a gentlemen…

  2. Ouch, lucky you're my brother…

  3. Only a gentleman if you don't know him, Anthony.

  4. debanger canyon says:

    what a shit idea

  5. Dorothy
    Sorry Way, even ugly bikes get stolen. The big guy's OLD Diamond Back whatsit got stolen last week. From our back yard, locked even.
    No one is gonna win. Guy wants a bike, guy gonna get a bike.

    Waylon Lewis
    Yah, for sure, but discouraging guy who's in a rush, who has selection of bikes he can try and steal…can't hurt?
    2 seconds ago ·

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  7. Karen says:

    where is the link to buy these stickers? Thanks!

  8. Karen says:

    Nevermind! Found it…

  9. elephantjournal says:

    I just use normal stickers, they get messed up quickly and look horrible!

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