April 3, 2009

For first time in 57 years, someone hugs (and is hugged by) the Queen. Michelle Obama, no less.

For photo, go to article at Christian Science Monitor.

Touching? Well, literally and figuratively, yes. Spontaneous, relaxed? Yup. Controversial? In Britain, most certainly! Another angle that seems worth noting, but that I haven’t seen in the media, much—the Queen’s duh, about time nonchalance when it comes to meeting a black American president and first lady—remember she’s been on hand to greet every President since…what, Truman? Excerpt via the Christian Science Monitor (one of the best papers in the world). 

…When first lady Michelle Obama hugged Queen Elizabeth yesterday, it was reminiscent of the classic American masterpiece “Tommy Boy” when Chris Farley, embracing his new stepbrother said, “Brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug!”

Now while it was perfectly acceptable and quite frankly — touching — when this act of love occurred in the movie, it’s not supposed to happen with the queen.

Queens don’t hug!

In fact, it is considered a breach of royal protocol. …for the rest, go to CSM.

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