Review: Mission Playground.

Via Todd Mayville
on Apr 26, 2009
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mission playground

Cool, eco-friendly intent and mission statement? Check.
Cool, eco-friendly clothing? Check.
Cool, eco-friendly manufacturing source? Well…hmmm.

Mission Playground is one of those companies I want to completely and totally love.  The organic cotton t shirt I have is super soft and comfy and the hat, made from a combination of hemp, wool, and lyocell (a cellulose fiber made from wood) is pretty nifty and comfortable as well.  There are even little tags with eco tips sewn into the clothing, which is pretty sweet.  So why don’t I love Mission Playground as much as I’d like to?  Well, while the shirt was made here in the States, the hat was made in China.  Mission Playground’s website states “takes pride in supporting fair labor suppliers and will continue to explore sustainable design techniques, production methods and fabrications as time and resources evolve,” which is great, but I feel uneasy about just about any product coming out of China, and am curious about how Mission Playground is able to certify that their products, especially ones based in Asia, are actually consistent with their message; without fair trade certification, it can be hard to tell who is walking the talk versus who’s just talking. 

A nice plus to Mission Playground is their commitment to non-profit organizations that are committed to preserving the earth (though a list of who they are supporting would be nice to see on their site).  So while Mission Playground is a company I’m lookin’ to love, they could maybe do just a little bit more.


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