May 19, 2009

Blogging on Salvia.

{How to buy Salvia legally.}

Salvia is Natural.

It’s also a trip, as these videos show. Should it be made Illegal—or Controlled, & Taxed?

The other night I was hanging out with a bunch of “Dharma Brats” for the first time in a couppla years…including Eddie Boyce, the coolest Buddhist kid I ever knew back when I was a young punk. At some point he started cracking up and telling me about how he and some friends were watching a bunch of Salvia Trip videos. Come again?

I’d heard about Salvia. It’s basically a hangover/after-effect free natural plant that, when smoked, produced a, like, total trip, dude. There’s a thriving subculture of Tripping on Salvia videos on youtube, all of which are pretty funny/scary/funny. Here’s a few of my favorites, which go into detailed exercises that never quite come off as planned. Videos:

My favorite:

And here’s the truly scary part, and the best video of all, via Current. It’s the “natural” reaction of The Man to make the stuff illegal, which as with pot will not only fail to prevent folks from getting their hands on it, but will create a black market, crime, and kajillions of prisoners…when, as with gambling, we could instead selectively legalize it, keep it in the light instead of underground—and tax the heck out of it.

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