May 4, 2009

Dr. John Douillard: How to Stay Safe from the Swine Flu, Naturally.

Longtime elephant journal columnist Dr. John Douillard has this to say about protecting yourself from the suddenly-dreaded Swine Flu—which I thought was BS until the gent hanging with me this afternoon at Trident, just in from Califor-nay-yay, said he was getting treated for it (and was not contagious). Then I bike home, having washed my hands 20 times (can’t get sick before our talk show next week, I’m our only FT staff member right now)…and open my inbox only to see Ayurveda and natural health and wellness expert Dr. John Douillard‘s recent newsletter:


Like you, we’ve been hearing a lot about the swine flu in the news. Though reports of swine flu here in the states seem to be currently mild, the key in these uncertain times is to keep your immune system strong.

The best way to do that is to take action against your stress levels and to detox seasonally. Learn to do yoga or meditate. Avoid junk foods, sugars and excessive caffeinated stimulants to help you cope with stress. Eat three relaxing meals a day, and do your best not to snack. Feel free to check out my DVD by Gaiam on Stress Relief, as we know that stress is the major cause for an immune system compromise.

I also suggest taking some herbal support to both boost immunity and protect against viral infection. Neem is a blood purifying, immune building anti-viral agent and Ashwaganda helps deal with stress, build stamina, energy and immunity.

For an adult, I would suggest 2 caps of each, twice per day after food.
For a child I would suggest 1 cap of each, twice per day after food.

To help you stay healthy, please see our Ashwaganda and Neem “buy one, get one 1/2 off” discounts!

[Go to Dr. John Douillard‘s site for more info, and to subscribe to his newsletter].

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