“Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis” featuring Anusara yoga John Friend. Video.

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Anusara yoga’s John Friend on Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis.

John Friend, of Anusara Yoga, may have the most vital, vibrant, close-knit yoga community or kula in the US of A. He always happens to be a sweet, kind, wise, wakeful human being—and a longtime friend and morale-booster of young elephant journal dot com.

This here video interview at the historic Boulder Theater with Anusara yoga‘s John Friend touches on grace vs. effort, the evolution of the tradition and lineage of yoga as it matures and changes in the West, how our yoga practice is about more, and less, than getting a “yoga butt,” how to build a vital community, how green needs to be more than a fad, taking responsibility for our own karma…and how all this talk comes down to waking up and seeing everything as alive—and doing so with good humor.

This, along with my interviews same night at our Walk the Talk Show with Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg and the Titans of Tech, was my first live interview in nine months.

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Walk the Talk Show: John Friend – Yoga Guru from Alex King & Mito Media on Vimeo.

With my personal huge sincere thanks to Dave Kennedy of prAna, and Amy Ippoliti, for helping make the interview happen—and for their friendship.

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23 Responses to ““Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis” featuring Anusara yoga John Friend. Video.”

  1. bj galvan says:

    Shaktifying! Kudos Waylon!! Feeling the love, sharing the Light!

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  3. Amy Ippoliti says:

    Way – thanks so much for organizing this event – it was a blast. The conversation between you and John just keeps getting richer and I might add, more hilarious. Thanks for having us! Let's do it again.

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  5. Sat Chit says:

    Seeing the good in Bob…………….Seeing the good in John also…..

    Thank you John and Bob

    John teaches hatha yoga with a Hindu tantric bent weaved throughout. He has a lot of freinds (no pun intended) as a result of it. Its okay if he makes money too.

    Bob is intelligent and an excellent writer. Its okay that you make money too.

    Tantra says you are both manifestations of the divine. The divine must have a sense of humor.

    There is Buddhist Hatha yoga, soon there will be christian hathayoga, jewish hatha yoga, atheist hatha yoga etc.

    John has just segmented the market for the US. There is a market for his service/product.

    One thing John does is increase the self esteem of his students and provide a framework for growth and self acceptance.

    Bob, I am sure you are the same.

    With Love.


  6. ChristyN says:

    This interview was terrific to see. What a great treat to see John Friend in a humorous, playful and relaxed setting. The banter between you two is priceless and ease-filled. It is amazing to see John move from the pointed clarity of his life's work to the delight of joking around with Waylon and the audience – dancing with each moment with sensitivity, skill and sweetness. A magnificent example of how to offer yourself in this world. So great EJ – keep things like this coming!

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  9. […] “Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis” featuring Anusara yoga John Friend. Video. by Waylon Lewis, elephantjournal.com […]

  10. christopheray says:

    john ripped-off sw.satchidananda & bks iyengar….wake-UP….

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  17. Greg says:

    Had a few classes from a substitute instructor who was from the Anusara school. Was greatly impressed by the precision and attention to detail in the postures. One could not help but notice the caring mindfulness the approach brought to the practice.

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  19. Brad Roberts says:

    john is probably a great guy, but sleeping with students is not a great idea. if he had to keep it secret, then he must know something is wrong. personally, i'd lay some pipe in every hot little yogin just as he did. but i would brag about it, not hide it!
    good luck john. your yoga has made my life a better place to be.

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