May 9, 2009

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg on Local, Organic, Overfishing.

This here video interview with Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg covers sustainability, overfishing, the importance of local/organic, and strip poker in the dark.

Here’s a rough cut of our interview last Wednesday (Mito Media’s final vid will go up this week, it’ll blow yer socks off) at the historic Boulder Theater with ‘Top ChefHosea Rosenberg. We discuss how he won (in my view, by being both skilled and decent, not just one or the other); whether overfishing is a concern for this fish-loving chef, and what’s next.

It was my first live interview in nine months…I hit my stride, I think, ironically right after gapping out…for quite awhile (speechless, perhaps for the first time in my life). Hosea generously, sweetly picked up the conversation ball and ran with it…until I humorously slash rudely interrupted him…and from then on the interviews were off to the races.

Video. Mamma, be sure to click full-screen symbol, the think that looks like this:

Walk the Talk Show: ‘Top Chef’ Hosea Rosenberg from Waylon Lewis.

BTW: please if you would like to embed our videos, we prefer that you screen capture an image from them and link ’em to our site…that way we get traffic, instead of Vimeo, and traffic = sustainability, business-wise, for this here independent media. Would super hugely appreciate if you feel so inclined. That said, either way is great.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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