July 3, 2009

Boulder’s own Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg: Larger than Life.

Hosea! Yo, Ho! Hey, Ho. What, you too good for me now you’ve won Top Chef? Oh, you’re a lifesize cardboard cut out.

We’ve been hometown colleagues and buds of Top Chef winning Hosea Rosenberg, chef at Dave Query’s Jax Fishhouse, for years. While we aren’t bosom buddies, we did our time in Jax (particularly before the royal we become vegetarian) and at the Trident cafe, tapping on our laptop while Ho prepared his menu for his work at Jax, just two doors to the west. Anyways: we’ve now jumped fully on the Hosea Bandwagon, blogging about (and being present for) his Top Chef victory, interviewing him at our Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis at the Boulder Theater, and blogging about his latest exploits, of which there are many (see the lifesize cardboard cutout of Hosea, at Whole Foods throughout the Rockies, below, along with his tours for Top Chef in Aspen and other spots). Why? Not just ’cause he’s in the middle of an unending national 15 minutes of fame: but because he’s doing it right. He’s staying himself, despite all the fanfare. He’s enjoying life, and continuing to represent Boulder well as a decent, tough, charming, sweet and talented guy.

Okay, as an egotist, I’m constitutionally unable to offer more than a few compliments per hour.

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