July 22, 2009

Eco Objectification.


You know “Eco-Responsibility” has made it into the Mainstream when various disreputable industries, like UK’s Page 6, start taking advantage of it, grabbing for its coattails.


We’ve heard of “greenwashing”—when words like “natural” or “reyclable” or “biodegradable” and images of trees and leaves are used to sell a product that is not, in fact, particularly “eco.” Now, the marketing craze for all things “green” has hit the mainstream British tabloids with these controversial images of an ivy-covered (barely) model representing a green-built music club. elephantjournal.com calls the play: fair or foul?

When an “Eco Club,” Club4Climate, employs a model (Danielle Lloyd, below) to strip to within a few strands of ivy a case of

1. “Whatever works to convert the masses!”, or

2. Bullshit: greenwashing—pretending to be green so folks will be convinced to come to your club and spend green—and if that doesn’t work, “sex/objectification sells?”

Whatever it is, it’s blogworthy in this sad, hungry, vapid, speedy world. Why? Because while only a few people wanna read about local food vs. agribusiness, say, everybody likes to click at softcore (eco) porn.

And the cosmic joke is, that may not be a bad thing: for those who click most on posts like this are generally those who didn’t know they cared about “green” to begin with. And, ala the frat boys who tune into Jon Stewart and wind up learning more than they thought they cared about politics, who knows what form wakefulness might take in this hazy, crazy new media wwwworld.

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Danielle Lloyd Gets Naked for Eco-Friendly Club » Danielle Lloyd naked and covered in ivy in the latest issue of Zoo Weekly Magazine 6

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