August 7, 2009

Eco MacGyver: How to Fix your Havianas.

My Havianas (no longer) Suck.

Make like The Greatest Generation and…fix stuff instead of throwing it away. Yet another example of “green” saving “green.”

I heart Havianas. Simple, far from ergonomic (or whatever, you know what I mean, I’m pre-coffee here), colorful, they’re my summer uniform.

Damn goddamned damnit ow! on a hike up Chautauqua with Redford

I recently bought a pair at my friendly local lingerie dealer (any excuse to go into lingerie store, you know). Only one month later, the strap began popping out once a day, leaving me suddenly hopping around, barefoot, tripping on my falling apart Havianas. Even more fun when on my bike.

After two months, they strap popped out of the hole six times a day. Time to make like an American and trash ’em, right?

Wrong. I’m cheap. I’m broke. So I simply coiled a rubber band around the base, pulled it through and over and lo! Not a pop-out for two days. When the rubber band breaks, I’ll simply wrap a new one. In the meantime I’m saving Havianas from the landfill (where I’ve previously sent six pairs over the years for-the-exact-same-reason, it’s why Havianas normally get trashed—and I’m saving dough.

So all y’all who say green is more expensive? Well, not always.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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