September 2, 2009

A Green B&B in Your Own Backyard: I Heart The Queen Anne [Artwork Slideshow!]

Who says you have to sacrifice luxury to go green?

Can’t you have it all? At Denver’s eco-friendly urban bed and breakfast, The Queen Anne , you can sleep soundly knowing that your high-class experience has a low carbon imprint.

Located just minutes from downtown, The Queen Anne is a relaxing and peaceful sanctuary, where travelers from near and far come to share in a taste of the local Colorado flavor. And with meals made with fresh foods from local farmers and furnishings and amenities from local artisans and businesses, authentic Colorado flavor is exactly what you get.

I first heard about The Queen Anne Urban Bed & Breakfast when the owner, Milan Doshi, contacted me to do some artwork for the space, as he had just bought it and was in the process of giving it an eco-makeover. Milan explained to me how his dream had been to open a green B&B, and after looking at empty lot after empty lot, he realized that the most eco-friendly choice would be to buy an existing B&B, and turn it into a pioneer of sustainability. And he has truly walked the talk, making green choices every single step of the way, converting the two historic Victorian Homes (They were built in 1879 and 1886 for the Tabor family!) into an environmentally-minded retreat. Now the Queen Anne is a zero waste property, taking every possible measure to be as thoughtful and green as possible.

Even the artwork Milan commissioned from me was specifically made using recycled materials; rather than buying new canvases, I found discarded wood and cabinet doors and refinished them into beautiful new surfaces to paint on. The paint used was either salvaged acrylic housepaint, or Golden Acrylic Paint, which is on the forefront of environmental stewardship programs in the art community. By using reclaimed materials, with a real history and personality, I was able to create exciting artwork that feels good and tells a story about honoring our planet. The Queen Ann has continued to grow as a gallery for Colorado artists, showcasing the work of several different painters and illustrators in different suites, thanks to their art curator, Baily Rose.

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And while I trusted that the overnight stay was as comfortable and luxurious as it appeared, I had to try it out for myself, just to be sure (wink wink).  So on my last trip back to colorful Colorado, I booked a room at The Queen Anne, staying in the suite that is home to some of my paintings (aptly named the “Rachel Z Suite”…blush-worthy!).

The staff was unbelievably sweet and accommodating, welcoming us in the evening with Colorado wines and cheeses, while their multi-national guests relaxed in the beautiful living room area, lounging on the cool vintage sofa. We took our wine out back to the stunningly fragrant garden patio and enjoyed the Colorado sunset over the Rockies. The room was super sexy and I adored the cozy organic bedding and Keetsa eco-mattress (made from recycled metal coils and sustainable green tea foam) and the Jason Natural and Organic product dispensers in the bathroom. In the morning, we sipped locally roasted coffee while Baily whipped up the most delicious breakfast burritos made from farm fresh eggs, local veggies and homemade tortillas….mmmmm. The entire experience, from start to finish, was divine.

So next time you are in Denver and looking for the perfect place to rest your head, you can rest assured that Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast is the best darn B&B in town.

Rachel Znerold is an artist and independent fashion designer living the good life in San Francisco, CA. www.rachelzart.com

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