Glenn Beck wins; Van Jones out.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 7, 2009
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van jones quits resigns

Click the above to read the article on the Times. We’ll post more as we find out more about this unexpected tragedy. Here’s a brilliant, succinct yet in-depth commentary on Grist. Here’s my report today on Fox News’ avowed gameplan: 1) Van Jones, 2) Cap n’Trade! Update: 14,000 comments on Huffington Post, holy cow!huffington post van jones

In recent weeks, Van Jones, a hero to (myself personally and) the Green Jobs and Social Equity movements who was hired by Obama some months back, has come under fire for saying he was “Communist” when he was young, according to Glenn Beck, the right wing Fox pundit, and for signing a petition re 9/11 that had final printed language he didn’t support.


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25 Responses to “Glenn Beck wins; Van Jones out.”

  1. leslie says:

    It's a very sad day when the crazy-talk is causing the best person for the job to choose to leave that job. He could have been a real asset to this administration and our nation, and I hope that he will remain involved.

  2. max says:

    Van Jones grasps the steps necessary to transform our economy from making money for money's sake into a green 21st century economy. Glenn Beck aspires to have a mediocre mind. Sad indeed.

  3. George W was right when he said "there should be limits to freedom of speech".

    I'm heartily sick of what the media in this country gets away with – this is not reportage, it's polemic – and it's what passes for 'free press' in the USA.

  4. Anita says:

    Fascinating news.. a recovering alcoholic drug addict is deciding who leads our country… lets see 9.5% unemployment and run away climate change … Van Jones = jobs [check] and delivering on a more thriving existence [check] reducing extinction level CO2 in the atmosphere [ check] Glenn Beck = ? the loss of all of this… glenn beck needs to be on the rails … how many jobs have you created Glenn?

  5. Nan says:

    Same old ploy by idiot liberals. Don't address the facts, just attack the messenger. Glenn Beck, even though a recovering alchololic, has more integrity in one molecule of his being that Van Jones will ever have.

    I agree with Savage. Liberalism has to be a mental disorder. There is no other explanation.

  6. Your comment seems rather hypocritical: "don't address the facts, just attack the messenger," you start off well, then devolve into "mental disorder, no other explanation." For folks who read and study what's going on in our world and country, there are plenty of other explanations.

    Like offering healthcare (compassion, anyone) to the masses and saving money, like other first world countries, while doing so. Republicans should care about this FACT: lack of healthcare is the number one cause of bankruptcies in America. It's an entrepreneurship-killer.

    Comment again when you've had a chance to turn your sycophantic Fox off and read or watch something that may only agree with you half the time. Challenge your brain, it'll do you good.

    Mental disorders…

  7. Chris in Texas says:

    Glenn Beck is the Charles Coughlin of our time. The hatred he is fomenting will only lead to violence against those who do not believe in his conspiracy theories.

  8. Chris in Texas says:

    Hey Nan,
    I know just the place for you with no taxes, no welfare, free markets, and tiny government; Somalia!

  9. I think he's closing in on Senator McCarthy of our time.

  10. Nan, thanks for your reply. Great to have a dialogue, even if you're still recommending "we" switch up our kool-aid.

    I work my ass off, have for years, grew up poor, have never traveled…and feel much the same way you do when I see a young, health kid asking for spare change on the Pearl St. Mall. That said, "we" haven't "been in charge" of inner cities, unless you mean to imply that liberals are the only ones who give a care about inner cities. And, as in NYC, inner cities have improved greatly in spots, as it happens.

    Entitlement mentality ain't what this is about. Everyone wants to work, respect themself, get rich, be happy, that sort of thing. Basic healthcare as a right, not a commodity, is however what this is about. Basic compassion for those without the education you and I were blessed with is what this is about. US-based, local green (clean, renewable, money stays in US) jobs is what Van Jones was about. How can you can hate on that?

    Don't answer that. Pause. Give up your own kool aid for five hours, get through the shakes, keep Fox off, breathe, go for a walk in "Nature," it won't hurt you…and remember this ain't us vs. them. No one wins, in that case. I'm on your side. You're on mine. We all want to be happy, work hard, have some success, have some happiness and love and healthy families. Van Jones is a symbol, to Glenn and Co, of something they fear: well-educated community activist movers and shakers. He was a victim of bullshit, not substance.

  11. via FB:
    Benjamin: It's sad when the right person for the job becomes a political liability.
    Yesterday at 11:01am · Delete

    Waylon Lewis: It's sad when Glenn Beck wins.
    Yesterday at 11:02am · Delete

    Stephen Fenberg: true.
    Yesterday at 11:06am · Delete

    Leslie: GB will not win – Karma.
    Yesterday at 11:17am · Delete

    Jennifer: Can't believe the "witch hunts" going on….
    Yesterday at 11:22am · Delete

    Azlan H: I feel like Obama's been aloof for far too long and the oposition is now shaping the debate. There was no need to let Van Jones go.

    I voted for a lion. Where did he go?

  12. I was thinking he might be the witchhunting Senator McCarthy of our era (in his dreams).

  13. Comment of the day.

  14. This ain't us vs. them, Nan. I too work my butt off, my mortgage is riding on my sweat, and I can't stand it when I see dirty lazy healthy young punks on the Mall asking for a handout. That said, few folks have an entitlement mentality. Everyone I know wants to work hard, have some success, a happy healthy family and a good education.

    As Teddy said, healthcare is basic. We neeeeed to have a basic net beneath us, or all our work can, and does, go >poof<. We neeed to have "green jobs"—jobs that give us independence from the Middle East and our interest there. Jobs that are domestic, and keep our dollars in the US. Jobs that enable us to leave a better, greener planet for our children? Ain't that something you want, too?

    BTW, you may be well-informed, but by your own estimate you work 12 hours a day and listen to various news outlets 6 hours a day. Remember to eat, drink, exercise and poop, you might gain a cheerier view on humanity.

  15. I left double comments 'cause this silly web site didn't appear to record my comments the first time. Sorry, Nan and peeps.

  16. Gabrielle says:

    Glen Beck doesn't have to aspire to possess a mediocre mind … he has one without even trying. Sad week. Fear mongering: 1 Rational compassion: 0

  17. Gabrielle says:

    Instead of senselessly attacking people who think differently than you, Nan, why not offer an intelligent, articulate, fact-based comment about what you agree and disagree with? Show that you are something other than another
    reactionary, name-calling conservative, and use "the facts" you refer to to support your comments. How does the world become a better place with name-calling and knee-jerk conservative baiting of liberals? Please, prove Mr. Jones' comment wrong by not being an "asshole Republican." Please.

  18. Nan says:

    I can't correspond with you. You make no sense.

  19. Taking the view that healthcare is a commodity is coming dangerously close to suggesting that free market economics actually makes sense. As mentioned elsewhere (and yes, I am unashamedly quoting myself):

    "Champions of free trade are like champions of communism – their grasp of both economic theory and social sustainability is dangerously simplistic and completely unsubstantiated in any critical analysis of history."

    Healthcare is NOT a commodity – or at least should not be treated as one – because access to it is a basic human right. This is like suggesting water is a commodity (and we've seen how disastrously that works out in South America).

  20. West Tn says:

    Glenn Beck is the man!! Peace out Van Jones take you Communist and Radical ass back to Jackson Bra!!

  21. Terry says:

    McCain is in Az in reguards to the Lion? You mean the man who was held captive for 5 years for his country right?

  22. Nan says:

    Thank you! I'm not really a "blogger" but it seems like I got on a site dominated by kool-aid drinkers.

  23. Chuckles Bubbleson says:

    How exactly would the green movement result in more jobs? It results in huge job loss and fewer freedoms for Americans. Think before you vomit your words. An extremist in a high cabinet position shouldn't become the norm. Van Jones seems like a cool guy but that kind of radical will never result in good when it comes to politics.