Cell phones in Yoga Class?

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 Lululemon asks, “What’s your Intention?”

This is What Effective Advertising Looks Like: Lululemon

…on Yoga & our All-American Busy-ness.

[9th in a Series]

Yoga apparel fave Lululemon’s latest ad is spot-on when it comes to yoga practice circa 2009. I’m at the amazing, Valhalla-like Yoga Journal Conference right now, and we allll seem to have our cell phones in our classes. Many of us turn ’em off, many of us mute them (so you can still hear still vibrating phones from time to time, and the subtle radiation from phones is everywhere), and some of us, like yours truly, have given up the notebook and pen and started taking notes on our iPhone’s “Notes” program.

But what happened to the “retreat” part of yoga retreats? Can we still manage to put aside a few hours, or days, to practice and develop our openness, compassion, and ability to come back to the present moment? Or is yoga but a bump in the road of our workaholic, distractable, hypersocial daily lives?

How many of us have texted from a yoga class, while the teacher is talking?

That said, I’d love to see Lululemon continue to add more eco options (they do have more and more) to their stylish, super-popular lineup. After all, if our intention isn’t to live and play in harmony with our environment, our environment will support a healthy, happy lifestyle less and less.

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13 Responses to “Cell phones in Yoga Class?”

  1. Chris in Texas says:

    How many times? Never! That thing is turned off and left in the car.

    If someone is bringing their cell phone or blackberry into class, they aren't really trying to be present.

  2. swati jr* says:

    texting while the teacher is talking? wow. haven't encountered that one, thank god. i think it goes without saying that there are several dire epidemics in the "yoga world." lack of silence and stillness within the practice is top on the list. though there are some who honor the roots and cultivate a space to evolve and transcend, many yogis and classes are just as frenetic as ever. sait la vie.

  3. gaiagirl says:

    i say "power down" as much as possible. i've actually divorced my cell phone. use it 2x a month. i feel better.

  4. gwenbell says:

    Have a post about this. Forthcoming.

  5. if you're texting in class, it ain't yoga.

  6. Seamus says:

    Never. No excuses.

  7. […] above via brilliant apt Lululemon ad UPDATED Feb […]

  8. lubeology says:

    WAHHHHHH! I don't personally bring my phone to yoga but I don't care. A Yogi does not give any attention to the person on the phone. There is the practice. The person on the phone, they are figuring out their Yoga. Put it all together and what do you have? YOGA! Yep, it is still YOGA! *
    *I live in hollywood, this may influence my thoughts

  9. Oh I just answer their phone if it goes off or walk over and take them deeper into the pose if they go near it.

  10. Karen says:

    If college professors and teachers in general can take away cell phones from students, it should also be done by a yoga teacher if the student is disrupting the class with it. I had a professor put it quite well one time, "No one is that important that their cell phone can't be turned off for the hour and a half of my class." Indeed.

  11. alessi101 says:

    Answering the phone in class would be hugely disrespectful. I can't believe this is even a debate. I can't imagine it ever happening.

  12. Alice says:

    Take it from a teacher texting in class happens a lot.

  13. sara says:

    I've been to many seminars where we were asked to silence our cellphones and put them away. I see no reason a yoga teacher can't do the same. If you can't be away from it for 90 minutes it's probably not a good time for you to do yoga.

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