October 5, 2009

All-Natural Options for Feeding Furry Friends. ~ via Ideal Bite

Tips for Healthy, Happy Pets.

Being a newbie in the elite ranks of conscious animal-handler, I have run into several dead-ends regarding the proper nutrition for a growing animal. With criticism and advice overwhelming my decisions, it is nice to know that there is a reliable resource catering to the well-being of our pets.

Ideal Bite just launched a new guide covering eco-options for pet food. The guide is chock-full of Biter approved foods, treats, supplements, and even better bowls for grub. Ma’ Earth will appreciate these more natural choices, and they’ll help keep your four-legged pals healthier, longer lives.

I also honed in on a special-topics section of DIY natural pet food (and this does not mean table scraps!) for both dogs and kitties from The Honest Kitchen.

Want a fast food fix for your pets? You’ll still need to introduce ’em gradually, but check out organic, raw, and other eco diet options. A lot of conventional foods can contain pesticides and other contaminated ingredients (recall the 2007, um, recall of more than 180 brands of pet food containing melamine and cyanuric acid – the ones on our list weren’t involved).


  • Pet Promise Wild Salmon Formula – wild-caught salmon; free of animal by-products and artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors; six canned varieties. Works great as a swanky dinner if they’re used to kibble ($34/twenty-four 5.5-ounce cans).
  • Natural Planet Organics Cat Food – organic chicken, flaxseed, and brown rice; non-GMO; high in taurine for vision and heart health ($20/6.6-pound bag).


  • BARF Diet Patties – raw food diet; human-grade meat, eggs, fruit, and vegetables; available in chicken, beef, and lamb varieties ($93/forty-eight 8-ounce patties).
  • Honest Kitchen’s Verve – steak night for pups: dehydrated, human-grade, hormone-free, raw beef, organic rye, barley, and flaxseed; available in six varieties ($30/4-pound box – makes 16 pounds fresh food).

People Foods to Avoid Feeding Pets

While human-grade ingredients are a plus for cats and dogs, some human foods can be toxic to pets. If you think your critter has eaten any of these, call your vet.

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Onions
  • Avocadoes

Feel free to keep feeding your dog peanut butter, though. Because that’s just funny.

Stat: According to a DogChannel.com poll, nearly 42% of owners are concerned about their pets’ products being eco-friendly (7% aren’t sure what eco-friendly means, though, so clearly our work is never done).

For more Ideal Bite tips for healthy pets, please visit their website. And be sure to take the dog food quiz!

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