November 24, 2009

American Apparel & the Case of the Yoga Model who’s never done Yoga.


Naked American Apparel (not what you think. Okay, it is, too.)

Triple your bottom line: TOMS Shoes, Endangered Species Chocolate, Newman’s Own.

>  10 Signs you’re a (true) Hipster.

A beginner (and many of us are beginners, and that as Richard Freeman says makes us the best yoga practitioners) can try. Or, we can be too hipster cool to give it a go, and model bad alignment for other young women. That said, this young lady was of course under the direction of American Apparel, and it’s to AA that we offer this little comment.

If you’re gonna model yoga, at least know a bit about how to do it. This young lady’s alignment is gonna send her to the hospital before long—that is, if she practiced yoga, ever, which she clearly. Does. Not.

Which would be fine. But kids everywhere look to AA for what’s cool, and nothing would be cooler than trying. No problem with her being a beginner. No problem with her being less modelly than some (we think that’s great, makes it more accessible). No pre-judgement: but it’d be inspiring to see her try, a bit, instead of going after the disaffected slacker look.

Still, American Apparel’s yoga line is fair labor, and these photos are clearly not overtly sexual, which should please AA’s critics.

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jen329 Aug 11, 2014 12:03pm

interestingly enough, Elephant Journal has endorsed an advertisement at the bottom portion of this article to 'Stop Negative Thoughts'…. Elephant Journal, stop with the negative articles then too, please. I enjoy many of the articles that are shared here but shaming a person's yoga style or incorrect posture (even if a model for well known clothing company) seems a bit unnecessary. It may effectively send a message that to be yogi, you need to be yogi enough. I would enjoy a message of 'You are enough' regardless of where you are in your yoga path.

Patricia May 2, 2014 5:00pm

SO many people ” practice” like this , but teachers are too busy demoing then really teaching, maybe she just had a bad yoga teacher, they DO exist

maria Feb 20, 2014 11:13am

i think is very cool, she is like beginer is nice to see no perfection also

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