american apparel yoga

Via on Nov 23, 2009

american apparel yoga

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21 Responses to “american apparel yoga”

  1. Amy Ippoliti Amy Ippoliti says:

    This is so unbelievably hilarious…presentation 10+ by Elephant Journal!

  2. robin says:

    apparently the photographers have never done yoga either… how could they put their name on these photos?

  3. sarahdee says:

    So judgmental for a bunch of "yogis". She's a kid, doing yoga, or some form of it. They are not advertising yoga, they are advertising apparel and clearly the apparel is able to move with/cover her body so it's doing the job. As a teacher, i would love to go help her with alignment so she doesn't get hurt, but to poke fun is simply not yogic. Grow up "yogis". I would love to see how wonderful all your alignment look. Yoga is not always pretty and a good student knows it's not about the asana or it's "perfection"

  4. Sylvia says:

    I can't believe you are posting this saying that this girl is not good enough to model yoga clothes. She isn't showing people how to do yoga. She is modeling clothing and I think it is refreshing to have someone that looks half normal modeling clothing for a change. This article is petty and really, sort of disgusting. You don't need to be a super yogini to model yoga clothing and I am glad they didn't get one. I would have expected better of you, Elephant Journal. This is like a bitchy popular teenager making fun of someone for not being as good looking as she is. In a time when models are grotesquely underweight in general and girls this models age have severe image problems for looking like her .. which is perfectly cute .. you post this article making fun of her. Really?

  5. Sophie AD says:

    It’s pure marketing. Show the opposite of what yoga journal is doing. Use a passive disenchanted less than healthy looking waif to illustrate how “boring” & mainstream yoga is. It’s not special, it’s what this girl’s mom has been doing for 15 years and the look on her face is “lame”. And… AA has long been known to use the thinnest, youngest models they can get away with, wearing the least amount if clothing needed so as not to cross the pornography line. They are well known for this kind sexist tactic. I refuse to support them.

  6. Maria J. Bueno says:

    That´s actually cute I love it.. don´t need to be perfect…

  7. reikireadings says:

    This is hysterical!

  8. mitzi says:

    I think this was intentional, to counter the perfection standard that has made yoga feel too difficult for the mainstream person. Many people look like this as beginners. It doesn't say she's teaching yoga or going to always do yoga this way. It just shows an imperfect young girl trying some yoga poses. I could care less about American Apparel, but laughing about her
    "bad" yoga as anti-yoga philosophically as it gets. I'll take this over naked yoga any day. Both versions are there to sell something.

  9. roe says:

    I agree with the others who commented about how judgmental and superior this article sounds. The poses could be improved, the photography and lighting could be improved, the clothing could be improved, the writing in this article could certainly be improved. But that doesn't mean it is helpful to judge, mock, or put someone down.

  10. Tahiche says:

    Unfortunatelly we are too used to see thiese gorgeous models with extremely thin bodys performing perfect asanas. This is kind of refreshing! Well done girls!

  11. annie says:

    Just guessing, but I'm pretty sure they did on purpose. Yoga clothing ads can be very intimidating, and can give the impression that if you can't do a perfect pose you don't belong in these pants, or something like that. I'm guessing they picked her because she looks cute in the clothes. They call them yoga clothes, but they want everyone to want/buy them.

  12. Ann says:

    I think it's great that she isn't "picture perfect" in her poses – after all, having a perfect looking pose is NOT what yoga is about, because THAT is based on the outside.

    Isn't yoga about the inside? Unless you are doing gymnastics and calling it yoga, then I guess it is about how it looks and what is happening on the outside.

    Yes, her alignment needs a little help, but in my opinion, it is smart advertising. It actually makes yoga seem like a human process that is real, rather than what is on the cover of Yoga Journal or any of the other magazines….it shows a cute girl, wearing cute and stretchy clothing that she can wear to a yoga class. It shows that she is a student, not a perfectionist. I think she is more yogic than the perfect looking yogini.

  13. aimehelen says:

    I like what this ad has generated- discussion with good arguments on both sides- way to go EJ and AA!
    *However I have to agree that what AA is doing is purely to keep in stride with thier ironic image of 'whats not cool', not trying to create a fresh positive role model for young girls. But at least her arse isn't hanging out : /

  14. April says:

    I identify with her a lot more than I do the Lululemon models!

  15. Sher says:

    Maybe it's saying: "If you wanna start doing yoga, these pants are a good place to start."

  16. Chris says:

    I think the people posting negative things are missing the whole point of yoga.

  17. aquamango says:

    I can do a full lotus and don't even do yoga (yet – planning to)… Always have been able to. Can also put legs bent up side of body and lay on my back

  18. Kirti says:

    When we point one finger at one, I hope we look down and see three pointing at yourself. What did Lululemon give as an impression for women and how to look. yoga is about going within. What I see positive about this advert is it looks like a normal teen not having to be perfect. Just be extraordinary by being her ordinary self. Teens struggle because there is always a show of perfection and they are finding their own voice. Lets not criticize why not change our way and look for the positive instead of critising the alignment. She actually makes yoga feel real , while all the others made many people misunderstand the true essence of yoga.

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