November 26, 2009

Snake Oil exists…and it helps skin problems…better than $300 Creme de la Mer?!

Okay folks…I have seen a lot of weird things in my travels, but this one is pretty wild!

A trip to the sacred Pak Ou caves up the river where locals have brought buddhas (more than 4,000) for hundreds of years is an awesome sight. Full of prayer and well wishes, these caves guard over the majestic Mekong and the Nagas (mystical water snakes) protect the villagers.

In fact the villages near these caves believe in the magical power of the Naga so much that thy even make a whiskey that includes the venom of local snakes…this whiskey is used for medicinal benefit and is supposed to have the power to heal many illnesses. This snake medicine is primarily used for men and the illnesses served include arthritis, skin rashes and problems, and will help keep you virile into old age!

I am not sure about you, but I will stick to my organic Dr. Hauschka creams!

Considered for a nanosecond or less to get one, but then thought about it breaking in my luggage..

Of course, they did have a <3oz one you could take on board…!

Love and laughter from Laos!

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Read 5 comments and reply

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