December 19, 2009

Honor yourself : Who do you follow? What do you believe? What do you do when you have time for yourself? How do you enjoy your freedom? : alegría*

Take your body walking. Challenge your mind with knowledge and practice multidimensional vision. Embrace that which defines who you are and be. Take a big deap breath, and then another one, and another one. Deeper one. Release and relax as you exhale, enjoying the awareness of your own self. Honor yourself and write your own book. Create moment by moment, breath by breath manifesting exactly what you want to feel like as you feel your pure sensations at the level of frequency and vibration. Atomic particles which we are made of…according to quantum physics. And ancient mathemathical observations of the sky and its cosmic bodies that make the Universe the reflection of light that we see.

Hannuka has been a blessing in my life and today the cxmas tree lighten up at home to keep the traditions of light. Light, light, light, light, light, light, light, light and the nine candle everyday…

To remember tradition is such an essential phase of joyful living. Family and friends, music and food, laughs and the joy of good company, which is one of the important practices of the yogi path. Seek good company, observe who your friends are, and love unconditionally those who take time to care for you. Open your heart to the thurth of others and pray with the prayer that is universal, love.

Who do you follow? What do you believe? What do you do when you have time for yourself? How do you enjoy your freedom?

I’ve been studing language latetly, with different friends exploring different angles, in different continents and time and space that have been for more than thousands of years…earth. I learned that in Turkish, you never know exactly what the other person is saying until you hear the last word of the sentence. Therefore, people do not interrup each other but rather wait until the other person is finished talking his/her idea. WOW, don’t you think? Using the word I, I am very careful with. I is such a limited space of perspective, and then is all there is. I AM has a vibrational very powerful frequency. And manifesting is pure life at its maximum expression of the present moment. Be content with things as they are I read today and it felt right, for today.

I’ve learned that hebrew has a dimension for every letter, for example Aleph א it is the only letter that makes no sound of its own in a word – and yet from it arises the entire alphabet of sounds and infinite meanings. The sages regard Aleph as signifying that everything each of usaccomplishes, however important in daiy life, first emanates from stillness and silence. Aleph is the outward, thrusting energy that seeds the cosmos. Aleph’s shape resembles adn individual ready to act in the world. In the meditation world, meditating upon Aleph brings greater energy into your sphere of daily activity. It is specially useful to meditate on it when embarking on a new project or venture in your life. Be creative.

Honor yourself.

love, laugh and sleep 🙂


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