Our first “elevision,” now “Walk the Talk Show” video with Alex King: Ecofashion 2007.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Jan 22, 2010
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Ecofashion Video of Photoshoot for elephant magazine, Spring, 2007.

Ft. Joey Walker, Abbey Smith, Caroline Treadway, Farmers’ Market, Eldorado Springs Pool, Urban Pearl…

Love this vid, just rediscovered gathering dust on youtube, up until now lost in some external hard drive, somewhere, along with 150 other video interviews and random shoots. Alex King, our video master, our elephellini, is moving to LA—so this rediscovery comes at an apt time. Good luck out there, Alex–with love and thanks for our partnership on behalf of elephant and our readers/viewers.

A short music video featuring Elephant Journal’s Eco Fashion shoot for the summer 2007 issue. Featuring music by Peter, Bjorn and John


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2 Responses to “Our first “elevision,” now “Walk the Talk Show” video with Alex King: Ecofashion 2007.”

  1. Very interesting, especially since I've never been to Boulder and I'm trying to catch up on a little "Elephant lore."

    Bob Weisenberg

  2. […] King started “interning” (donating time) to elephant, videoing our burgeoning talk show. I wanted to pay him, but couldn’t. Eventually, we started […]