February 13, 2010

Fur = Murder. Vintage Fur = Fabulous.

Eco Fans (like yours truly) give you permission to strut about in Grandma’s Fox Coat and feel, and look, snuggleable and fabulous.

Fur might just be the epitome of selfishness. Sorry, mink or fox or bear or whatever, you’re gonna hafta die ’cause I like the feel of your hide. Fur is horrifically mean, and entirely unnecessary (my fabulous fashion designer friend, Brit Lisa Mills, has a fake fur coat that consistently gets rude and/or admiring stares from passerby).

My ex-girlfriend, Rose, was a lifelong vegetarian. She introduced me to her supply-and-demand-savvy rule: only buy leather and fur second-hand. While it may not be perfect, karma-wise, it’s pretty good. And so while I don’t buy leather anymore, I have bought two old vintage jackets that I wear the hell out of, and a pair of leather cowboy boots, and leather wingtips, at our friendly local Buffalo Exchange.


Models: intern Claire Flannery, rocking it and feeling less guilty than prior to iPhone photoshoot (she’d snuck coat into our offices, was busted on way out).

Other models…uh, I forgot your names, remind me. The littler one had just cut her dreads, which when worn with fur coat she said really confused those who were trying to judge her, both conservatives and liberals. We’re posing with our furry friends outside of Cup in Boulder. Photographer: Crystal Gray, our City Councilor, who now has full “eco” permission to wear her vintage furs!

The below video was sent to us by a twitter friend (who we actually know in 3D, too):

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Read 19 comments and reply

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