February 24, 2010

Why Knitting Addicts Yarn for Yoga.

Okay, so I admit it…I am a junkie.

I’m currently in Toronto teaching Yoga and there is the most amazing Yarn store here – Romni Yarns…full of plush, soft, yummy, furry hang spun, hand dyed yarns from across Canada. It is one of my favourite Knit stores in Americas. But I can’t go in there.

I am a yarn junkie.

If you are a knitter, or a weaver, or any other fiber nut, you have empathy for me. It is a particular type of addiction. Not even sure where it comes from. I grew up in Hong Kong, Taipei, Indonesia, Hawaii and other warm climates…how did I ever develop this addiction to mohair and angora and most of all…cashmere….aaaaah, my pulse quickens and my senses glisten with the thought of rubbing and stroking the softest of fibers.

So my two weeks in Toronto are a lesson in letting go, in Aparigraha, the releasing of attachment, non-possessiveness, neutralizing the desire to acquire and needlessly hoard.

If you are a knit addict like me, and have baskets of yarn and have gone past the scarf and square object phase…then you have had a moment (or two) when a particular pattern or piece you are working on has made you into a lunatic.

Here’s a very funny and creative blog I found today – www.slightlywarped.com

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