New Livestreamed Naked Yoga Class in Boulder is all the rage.

Via Claire Lochridge
on Apr 1, 2010
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Naked Thursdays

Tasteful Video: Elephant’s Naked Yoga Class: Nudity is great for Yoga Asana.

I just got back from my first naked yoga class at Tree Pose on Pearl, and I must say that it wasn’t AS awkward as I feared it would be.  For the first five minutes or so, people definitely shuffle around the room trying to claim floor space while holding their mats lengthways in front of them, covering as much body as they can with a rolled mat.  One girl even had her mat sort of unrolled, but re-rolled around herself (I think her more liberal friend dragged her there).  But once the instructor arrives, she totally makes it more comfortable by strutting in and plopping down on her mat then looking expectantly at everyone.


Of course closing your eyes to begin the class and chant om helps one settle into the whole nakedness of the room.  I have to say it is liberating to practice yoga in your birthday suit.  It’s just hard to tell if the person whose eye you catch from across the room is comparing poses (yoga pose envy—we’re all guilty) or just got caught staring at your tatas.

Overall, I’d say I enjoyed the experience and will probably go back.  The class was packed, and everyone had a great attitude about it.  By the end, we were all laughing and holding hands, exchanging emails and numbers and even organizing a happy hour for this evening!


Tree Pose on Pearl, Instructor Gaye Buds, Naked Yoga Thursdays 9-10:15

Drop-in Classes $20, 10-punch card $200 (prices adjusted to cut down on perverted riffraff, Gaye said)


Cheerful April Fools’ Day! 



Is Yoga Ready for a Tasteful Pornstar? 


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28 Responses to “New Livestreamed Naked Yoga Class in Boulder is all the rage.”

  1. ahahahahaaaa awesome job, Claire!

  2. jessica anderson says:

    seriously, talk about stepping outside of your comfort zone…well done!

  3. Darrin says:

    Instructor…Gaye Buds?:)

  4. Tobias Bernal says:

    And I thought Austin was weird!

  5. Guest says:

    So, does everyone just borrow the studios mats for the naked yoga classes? Because, ew! 😉

  6. […] unique styles of yoga popping up, I wonder what will be next on the menu selection for us. Perhaps Naked Yoga classes? Why not try Naked yogaFLIGHT??!!  Gives new meaning to letting it all hang out . March […]

  7. Cameron says:

    DEFINITELY bring your own mat!

  8. Kathleen says:

    Often in my current classes I hear laments from my instructors pertaining to: “I can’t see your knees but, you need to make sure your knees are aligned this way” or “I cannot tell from your clothes, but your pelvic bone should be tilted this way”. In fact, so funny but just last night I was thinking – this could be much clearer to me if I were naked and my instructor can really see my form and posture. Hazzahh to Tree Pose!

  9. This looks like a ploy to sell more mat wash. (Luv it Claire!)

  10. beejgalvan says:

    Love & appreciate the exquisite beauty & art of the human temple, & there are some poses that should be skipped…#justsayn

    like tittibasana…

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  12. BuddhaBatman says:

    would a woman go to class on her period?

  13. Jess says:


  14. jh00mer says:

    Congrats on your courage, Claire. Finally, a naked yoga class that's more about the yoga than the naked.

  15. drbinder says:

    I could imagine the catharsis, peeling back a layer and getting a little closer to showing people who you truly are. Even if it's just physical, you have to start somewhere. If I'm ever in Boulder…

  16. Steve parker says:

    i think it's kind of sexy, but what about if someone got erection during the exercise. So embarrassing…..

  17. Osho says:

    Bunch of Post Hippies new age clowns… all about the sex noting to do with honest spirituality… it's okay i don;t judge it but why not be honest about it

  18. catnipkiss says:

    I am signing up for this; they say you should meet people doing what you love. and this way, no disappointments when it is finally time for the big reveal!!! It's expensive, but maybe it will be worth it. to hell with internet dating, I'm naked yoga dating now!!!

  19. samira says:

    made me laugh!

  20. Camilla says:

    Stupid, silly, unnecessary…no happy baby poses please! Ha ha!!

  21. Viola says:

    Kind of sexy! Its a porn LOL! I can imaging doing downfacing dog while some guru behind me piersing at my exposed mulabandas! haha

  22. Cory L Van Ness says:

    What is the address of this place?! I googled it but did not find, email me please! [email protected]

  23. yoga bear says:


  24. latterenee says:

    Diva cup, dude. That's where it's at. I've sauna-ed naked while on my period using this method with no issues.

  25. zal says:

    It looks like everyone had their back to the wall, as long as i had no one behind me i'ld be OK, otherwise way too self conscious to get into the spirit of yoga!

  26. Jenna says:

    obviously no one realizes the date today…