Hot Yoga. Literally.

Via Cora Wen
on Jun 29, 2010
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It’s getting hot now that it is officially Summer…whew!

And one of my favourite things to do is go to a Fair.

I’m actually a sucker for any type of Fair…State Fair, Renaissance Faire, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Laotian, Psychic, Harmony… They are all interesting places for people watching.

There’s crafts and community and lots of “food on a stick.” It is fascinating to me how there can be a concept of “food on a stick”, and how it becomes appealing when you are in a hot, dusty crowded fair with friends on a summer weekend… 😉

I love the 4H clubs and someone’s yummy fresh fruit pies, oversized vegetables, kids with their livestock and all those gorgeous handmade quilts.

When I was paying penance in a past life as a corporate banker, I used to escape that logical life by running away to the Fairs. I would work weekends doing traditional Mehndi (Henna) painting at various fairs and festivals around California. A mystical woman I met long ago showed me how to draw intricate Pakistani and Indian wedding designs. And it was a blast to paint intricate designs and hang out with the caravans of travelling Hippie Gypsies in Southern Cal!

City fairs often show the local community services like a local Playhouse, restaurants and some of the city officials. I live in the Silicon Valley so our city guys might even be found taking a Yoga class, so I couldn’t resist popping a few headers…!

There was a Great local band called GroWiser and I had a blast hanging with the Sax player

We had Fun, so hope you get a smile…

with love and pranams,


About Cora Wen

CORA WEN grew up in a traditional Chinese family in Asia and the West, and took refuge in the Buddha as a teen. An international childhood growing up in Hong Kong and Indonesia, Switzerland, Australia and the US, has instilled the spirit of a travelling adventurer. After sowing wild oats in New York City in the 70s with rockers Deborah Harry and Patti Smith, she had careers in fashion and banking. Since 1994, Cora has taught Yoga, mentored by America’s most influential Yoga lineage. She has been dedicated since 2002 in support of indigenous culture for exiled Tibetan people and land mine victims. Find her at


2 Responses to “Hot Yoga. Literally.”

  1. lindsayyoga says:

    Great photos! I love fairs … and the mysterious food on a stick. 🙂

  2. Sarah Kohl says:

    HAHAH! Loved the clapping at the end, Cora!