Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 5, 2010
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Seriously: Urban Outfitters sells “Eat Less” Tee Shirt for Women only.

It’d be one thing if this were sold to men and women and the message had something to do with proper diet, fighting obesity and self image issues…in a fun, irreverent way…but a bold, happy cursive “Eat Less” seems to fly straight in the face of common sense and kindness.

After a firestorm in the media (god bless ’em), the Republican-owned, Made-in-China faux-hipster Urban Outfitters (which I, admittedly, am well known to love) has taken these tees off their site.

But, irony-starved hipsters, don’t you worry: the shirt’s still for sale in stores.


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11 Responses to “Seriously?”

  1. Greg says:

    I am so tired of seeing women who look like war victims continuing to be terrorized into eating disorders. It is way time for men to stand up against the designer faddists who are forcing women into looking like HIV victims. Figure it out and stop the nonsense.

  2. Generally speaking, people *should* eat less. It's better for your health, and studies show that you will live longer if you consume fewer calories.

    However, to market this to women is just deplorable. We all know about the eating disorder problems among young women, but I'm actually seeing it among older (45-60 year-old) women I work with. My boss, a woman, barely eats anything at all during the day, and when I heard her and an older female colleague talking about how to lose weight (basically, stop eating), I was appalled.

    Men, on the other heand, could generally stand to get the "eat less" message. Restaurants, too, since their portions have become absurd.

  3. And if they offered it for men, too.

  4. ARCreated says:

    I'm a personal trainer, yoga instructor and hypnotherapist….this subject is so near and dear to my heart – some days it is an uphill battle, trying to get people to EAT (which if they eat "more" real food the problems can be reversed) to STOP exercising so hard as it actually produces stress causing even more problems…eat less is the worst thing anyone could tell the women of the world now — unless its followed by "processed foods" "refined sugar" "diet products" or "pharmeceuticals".
    I was once told the media doesn't define our culture we define our media…only when we stop responding to the images and buying the products they sell will things change. when we stop buying entertainment weekly and worshipping the rich and too thin then things can change…it isn't an easy task….part of the change comes from education on what is healthy!
    Random thought ==== it may actually be a stab at being kind by not letting this be purchased by men, that somehow only women saying it isn't as mean as a guy saying it to women??? I'm just trying to find something 🙂

  5. ARCreated says:

    amen sister. we perpetuate this nightmare by obsessing about it…HEALTH is what matters. Make sure your blood work is good…eat healthy foods (as palin says real food mostly plants) …I'm vegan and I HIGHLY recommend vegetarian lifestyle to stay healthy. Like I tell me clients I don't care how much you weigh I care how you feel and if you are healthy and can do the things you want.!

  6. Melanie Klein says:

    My Women's Studies class just completed a two-part assignment on body image and the media:
    See the body collage that asked, "What does a real woman look like? :
    The body collage project was also covered by The Daily Femme:
    The VIDEO that answers the question and is entitled "What a real woman looks like." The video combines personal testimonies and an examination of the images that flood the media:

  7. Melanie Klein says:

    Oops: The Daily Femme link is here:

  8. Melanie Klein says:

    I mention the increase in eating disorders among older women here:… and the growing body image crisis among men here:

  9. yoga pants says:

    This is first time I heard something like this!!! , "Eat Less" t-shirts only for women's. May be Urban sellers thinking different way.but
    Every women like this t-shirt because this is specially made for them!!!!

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  10. This is just downright incredible.

  11. I am so tired of seeing women who look like war victims continuing to be terrorized into eating disorders.I'm vegan and I highly recommend vegetarian lifestyle to stay healthy.