July 31, 2010

Like trite New Agey feel-good generalizations! Me neither! An encouragement to read deeper.*

A friend of mine just tweeted this:

“Love all with love that none have felt, and brave the battle of life with strength unchained.” ~ Yogananda

As Oprah said (can’t believe I’m quoting Oprah) it’s not about what we should do. We all know doing the right thing is the right thing to do. It’s about how to do the right thing. Very few of us know how to do the above, let alone lose five pounds, or be happy, or like ourselves, or be better parents, or anything.

* This reaction is offered with all due respect, and there’s a lot of respect due, to Yogananda: genuine teachers deserve more respect than having their wisdom bottled and pruned into sound bytes that we tweet out via our smart speed phones.

Yogananda taught extensively about “how” we might love all sentient beings with a full, genuine sort of love, and brave the often difficult trials and tribulations with unceasing exertion. But the above quote risks “coffee book wisdom”…skimming only from the top of a mountain of wisdom can turn the real thing into trite, unhelpful, nice-sounding fortunes, and little more.

To actually learn something about Yogananda’s teachings, click over to our longtime colleagues and friends at Self-Realization Fellowship. Click here to see video and my photos of SRF itself.

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Read 49 comments and reply

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