C’mon, elephants! KK Ledford needs your Vote for 7×7 Magazine’s Hot 20 Under 40.

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on Aug 5, 2010
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Yoga Instructor Would love your Vote.

I’m a Certified Anusara yoga teacher in San Francisco recently nominated by students for 7×7 Magazine’s Hot 20 Under 40 Reader’s Choice issue coming out in October.

This issue celebrates creative people doing good things in the Bay Area and is described on their site as “an annual celebration of the city’s 20 most up-and-coming movers and shakers under 40.” I am the only yoga teacher nominated and on the list, so I am very honored to share the list with such a wide diversity of people doing great work. After making the main list, I made it to the top 20 finalists, and now I have moved on to the top 10! The third round of voting, which runs from August 5-9, determines who moves on to the top 5.

I call my work wildmoonwisdom (for wildly passionate, deeply devoted beings). Its so sweet to be recognized in this fun and playful way for something I’ve dedicated my life to!

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KK is a Certified Anusara yoga teacher from East Texas. She began studying intensively with her teacher John Friend in 1998 and has thousands of hours of studying with him forover 12 years. KK brings to her classes a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality, an integrated knowledge of therapeutics and Tantric philosophy, and an outlook steeped in nature-based spirituality. KK emits a big radiant energy and enthusiasm for yoga. She has dedicated over 13 years to teaching yoga and has spent 20 years studying the mysteries of consciousness. With a quirky sense of humor and fierce dedication, she combines yoga, astrology, herbalism, and embodied spirituality in her dynamic classes. She inspires students to work hard and deepen their commitment to the practice, awakening to their own innate power and splendor. Her ongoing and extensive studies in Kashmir Shaivism and meditation are with her teacher Paul Muller-Ortega, and she has studied Rajanaka for years with the great Douglas Brooks. In addition to her public and private classes, she facilitates workshops and ceremonies for women and officiates weddings.

I have been with Anusara (and my teacher, John) since 1998. I’ve been teaching full time for my entire adult life. I also study intensively with my other teacher, Paul Muller-Ortega. I call my work wildmoonwisdom (for wildly passionate, deeply devoted beings). Check out wildmoonwisdom on her blog or facebook.


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12 Responses to “C’mon, elephants! KK Ledford needs your Vote for 7×7 Magazine’s Hot 20 Under 40.”

  1. Hanky-Panky O.D.O. says:

    Puhleeeze! Yoga teacher and Hot under 20 go together in a sentence? You can re-define yoga any way you want but I doubt it will make much sense…

  2. Hanky-Panky O.D.O. says:

    oh, and maybe, just maybe this is one aspect of Anusara got it panned the way it did in the New York Times. Slick, hip and superficial. All about me, me and me.

  3. Peace says:

    I think it's great for a San Francisco magazine to highlight hard-working, creative, dedicated local professionals no matter what their field. Why not yoga? Maybe it will inspire someone to try yoga for the first time, or try Anusara yoga, or take a class with KK Ledford, all of which are gifts to our universe which should be shared. Thanks Elephant Journal for sharing!

  4. Guest says:

    KK Ledford's positive attitude and beauty from the inside-out makes her the perfect candidate for this! She helps so many people in the Bay Area, myself included- whether it be in her daily yoga classes, her donation-based restorative classes for those living with HIV or cancer or fabulous women's workshops. And she is totally hot too. 🙂

  5. courtney says:

    The first two comments by hanky-panky are the only thing that is superficial here. Have you ever met KK or practiced Anusara yoga before or are you judging her based on some random article in the New York Times (the epitomy of un-biased journalism;) or because she is blond and beautiful and that means that she can't also intelligent, caring, deep, spiritual and innovative too? KK is amazing and brilliant, I think her IQ above genius level too, go KK!!!!

    As far as Anusara goes, I have practiced Anusara for over 5 years now and tried many styles of yoga over the past decade, I don't see Anusara as being more commercial or money-centered than any other style of yoga. In fact, the Anusara studio that I practice at has the least expensive yoga classes I have ever taken anywhere in the country. I also feel people should get paid for their time, dedication and energy, yoga teachers eat and pay rent too, which seems like a basic concept to me.

  6. KKstudent says:

    KK is my teacher. She is fierce, deeply knowledgeable, unflinchingly devoted to her students (particularly to those who wish to study deeply and get beyond the "superficial"), and brings light and beauty to her community. Anusara yoga is a beautiful path that has helped me – and so many others – become better, more caring, more selfless and generous people. No need to pan those in our community for having success. KK deserves the recognition she is getting. When we come together as a community to support each other we are all better for it! KK would do the same for anyone else. Namaste.

  7. KK Ledford says:

    Thank you for all the kind and supportive comments. I'm thrilled to participate in this fun issue of 7×7 Magazine, which highlights creative Bay Area people under the age of 40 doing good work. I was honored to be nominated, and to make it to the top 10 is really a delight. Its very sweet for me to be acknowledged for the work I have dedicated my entire adult life to!

    In addition to teaching public Anusara yoga classes and workshops, I see private clients with therapeutic needs. Yoga helps relieve pain and suffering in our hearts as well as bodies, and I work regularly with people living with HIV, cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis, a variety of chronic back pain, and other issues.

    I am also an officiant, and have performed weddings for several of my students, which is such an honor! Before California voted on Prop 8, I performed several weddings for gay couples so that their marriages would remain intact.

    I am always available for tarot readings, astrology insights, and herbal consultations. Astrology is woven into my Anusara classes daily, and I offer "wildmoonwisdom Astro Alerts" on my facebook fan page to help keep readers informed of the astrological happenings for the week.

    For me, yoga is about freedom. Our essential nature is freedom (svatantra), and also fullness (purna). This is a radical idea; you don't have to be other than who your are because you have a boundless, already perfect essence. Anusara yoga assists us with the recognition and remembrance of our inherent splendor, and allows us to experience that pulsation of freedom in this embodiment. I delight in artful creative expression, relishing the radical undulation between ferocity and grace, and savoring the sublime in the mysterious play of life.

    XO, KK

  8. Katrina Knudsen says:

    And she is a firey faerie pixie bad ass who has been keeping Anusara weird (per John's… umm, request) since 1998.

  9. bj galvan says:

    Yeah KK! you fricking rock so damn hard! It is your dharmic OBLIGATION to be your highest brightest slickest hottest self! HP just don't know.. your light cast their shadows… Ignorance, sad.. have compassion for hanky panky just doesn't have a clue.. But I DO!!!! YOU ROCK!

  10. Daniela Wiesenaecker says:

    KK blends the highest level of intensity AND safety together in the most beautiful way!!! Result: delighting in my body guaranteed every time I take her class!! Fast progression without getting hurt. INTENSITY + SAFETY = TOTAL BLISS!!!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you for being an awesome teacher, KK!!!!

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  12. Pompiliusz says:

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