Perhaps today…

Via Grace Wang
on Aug 17, 2010
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What a beautiful morning it is.

The sun is finally done playing peek-a-boo here in our lovely town of Santa Monica.  Its heart has finally opened, radiating warmth, clarity and the promise of a new day.  It’s not even 9am yet.

I’m at my usual post-yoga haunt, enjoying an awesome bowl of yogurt and homemade granola sippin’ on a nice cup of steamy brew, having chosen to sit out on the back patio, feeling my skin soak up the enlivened sun.  Will summer ever arrive this year?  Perhaps today is the day!

Perhaps today is the day where all things can start afresh, perhaps today is the day where old becomes new again and perhaps today is the day I revisit simplicity, embrace inspired change and be the best version of me yet.

It almost seems that at this moment, with clouds parting, the morning sun shining through, lighting up what needed to be seen is mother earth’s decided way of paying me a visit and saying “Hey you!  Yes you!  What are you doing over there? Inspiration is running amuck!  Grab life by the horns and go make a difference!”

I hear you loud and clear.

Perhaps today is the day we shed the old carcass, the old, rigid way of being.
Perhaps today we won’t let our minds run wild, untamed.
Perhaps today we choose to see through the innocent eyes of a child and embrace a sense of wonder and excitement.
Perhaps today, we choose to see the good.
Perhaps today we invite in gratitude, humbleness and humility.
Perhaps today we choose to forgive.
Perhaps today is the day we look at things from a different perspective and perhaps today, we find that ounce of courage to love freely, love fearlessly, and love deeply.
Perhaps today, we choose to live.


About Grace Wang

Grace Wang is a social entrepreneur and teacher of yoga by day, a self-proclaimed kitchen goddess around the clock and practices the art of giving big, genuine bear hugs to both strangers and loved ones.  Founder of Yoga For Change, Grace is lightly neurotic, habitually impulsive and credits her sanity to green tea and good wine. She believes in the art of human connection delivered through hearty conversations over a home-cooked meal, practicing genuine interest, concern and compassion for others and last but not least, keeping her plants alive.  Poor plants...she's working on it.  Grace lives in Santa Monica, CA. Follow Grace @adoseofgrace or on Facebook. And find her at Find more information about Yoga for Change at


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