September 21, 2010

Bad, Better & the Best: Eco-Friendly Sex.

Want to make all of your daily life eco-friendly?

Check out these options for sexy environmentally friendly alternatives.

Bad: The Generic Dildo.

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The everyday dildo is often full of phthalates—plastics that can be harmful to both you and the environment. Most sex shops are currently phasing these models out, but if you have an old school dildo, consider recycling it and moving on. According to an associate from Fascinations, Boulder’s premier sex shop, toys made out of pure silicone are the best in that they can be completely sterilized, instead of just sanitized for those who want to share, or for those who use the toy for both vaginal and anal course. But silicone is still a human-made product that can take its environmental toll.

Better: Glass, Metal, or Wood Dildos.

Gwen Mamanoleas/Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/bqkx8XvV09k

Used from natural materials these dildos are best for g-spot stimulation and are easy to clean. They can even be chilled in ice water or warmed up by running hot water over them for a different sensation. Try a handcrafted Simply Blown glass toy.

Best: Your choice of Phallic-Shaped Organic Unwaxed Vegetable.

Dainis Graveris/Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/rIBXcLgayFI

Some people get queasy when the idea of getting pleasure from something they’d normally throw in a salad gets mentioned. At first it may seem a little off-putting but is it any weirder than taking the extra time to go into a sex shop and buy an object shaped like a zucchini anyway? Plus you can change sizes and shapes on a whim without having to spend too much money. Make sure you find organic, unwaxed, smooth, un-bruised produce and, of course, clean it thoroughly before use.

Bad: The Common Vibrator.

Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vibrator.jpg

It’s plastic wrapped in plastic. Not only that but if 53 percent of the female population in the United States, according to Betty Confidential, has at least tried a vibrator (which probably means 50% own one—because it’s slightly weird to borrow) then that’s a ton of batteries used, which isn’t exactly the most productive product for helping to make the world a better, cleaner place. According to the Fascinations consultant, using rechargeable batteries in a generic vibrator not made for them can cause the batteries to swell, which causes them to get stuck in the vibrator; another problem is that rechargeable batteries easily leak when used in a common vibrator.

Better: Solar Power or Rechargeable Batteries (or rechargeable vibrators).

Scientists are making great advancements when it comes to pleasure-giving devices. Fairly new to the market are solar powered vibrators—solar bullets charge for eight hours in the sun and give you one hour of vibrations. Also recommended was the Jimmy Jane product line from Pleasure to the People which makes silicone-based vibrators that recharge on a deck, thus no electrical cord goes into the actual vibrator making it water-proof for bathroom fun. Because it’s made from silicone it will be longer lasting and more durable than any other style of vibrator.

Best: Your own Fingers.

Why: It’s cheap and easy, just the way sex should be.


Bad: Leather Whip or Rubber Paddle.

Neither one is all that eco-friendly as one is harmful to animals (and our planet) and the other creates more non-biodegradable waste.

Better: Pleather or Recycled.

Most sex stores now carry bondage products made out of animal-friendly materials. Another really cool invention is the recycled rubber whip hand-made by a company called Earth Erotics. At least someone is finally doing something sexy with all that left over rubber.

Bad: Standard Lubricants.

Deon Black/Unsplash

Why: Because they contain glycerin and paraben—two products not good for a woman’s body. Glycerin is known to cause intimate irritations such as yeast infections while paraben has been connected to an increase in estrogen—a major element linked to breast cancer. Many lubes are chemically created in laboratories with an ingredient impossible to even pronounce let alone know where they’re from or what they can do to one’s body. Also some standard lubricants still test on animals.

Better: Saliva.

Why: It’s cheap and it’s free. The only problem with saliva is that it dries out fast causing one to have to “re-lube” over and over. Also, if the person doing the licking has not the best of breath, well that odor will also stick on your body too.

Best: Organic and Vegan Friendly Lubricants.

Sliquids— completely organic and vegan friendly with no glycerin or parabans.

Oceanus Naturals—made with carrageenans—an extract from rich marine algae that, because of its thickening ability, has been shown to inhibit the spread of HPV.

Want to be an Eco-Friendly Pervert?

Try these Creative Pervertable Tips:

1) Experiment with kitchen utensils as S&M toys–spatulas can give quite a smack.

2) Consider your cat’s toy for a feather tickler (or your feather tickler for a cat toy).

3) Go Climbing? Turn your gear—tethers etc. into an under the bed restraint system.

4) Reuse scarves for blindfolds, ties, massages or all three.

5) Turn laundry night into erotic night and use clothespins as nipple clamps.


Bonus Round of Bests.

Chakrubs are dildos made from 100% natural crystal. Crystal Pleasure Wands are said to deepen one’s awareness of their own divinity, starting with their great capacity for experiencing pleasure.

Foria Awaken, made from coconut oil, hemp oil (and love), is a stimulating oil for women, to be directly applied to the lady’s business (if you know what I mean) as a pre-lube.

*Always practice safer sex: try Vegan Condoms

For STD and pregnancy protection try vegan condoms instead of latex or sheep skin (for those who are allergic to latex or just prefer sheep skin remember that it only protects against pregnancy and not STDs).



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