September 9, 2010

Kathryn and Tara: I’m a fan!

I Like Kathryn Budig. I like Tara Stiles. I don’t know them personally, but I’m fascinated by them.

At the beginning of George W. Bush’s presidency, I remember being fascinated by his daughters. I really enjoyed the story of them getting carded for margaritas at a Mexican restaurant with their secret service people just outside. Having done a lot of underage drinking, myself, I relished in the tale of the President’s daughters doing it, too. I wanted to know more, but the story soon changed, and we heard less about Jenna and Barbara in the media as time went on.

If my life had offered a different set of circumstances, I would have posed naked for Toesox. I’m sure of it. So I’m fascinated by the little bits of info I’m gleaning from Kathryn’s blog posts at HuffPo and Yoga Journal about what all of this recent talk about it might mean to her.

I have a similar sense about Tara’s story. In the intro of her book she talks about having grown up in rural Illinois. I grew up in small town Ohio, so I project my experience onto her story a little bit. She also speaks of the pressures of her early modeling career (under different life circumstances I might have done modeling), and how she felt the need to be “Slim Calm Sexy” constantly. Yoga helped her.

Don’t many of us fantasize at some point or another about being the ones chosen to model or publish a book that appears on bookstore shelves across the country? And some of us reading this have already achieved these dreams, and I bet that some of us have yet to achieve our ambitions.

These women have worked hard to have successful careers. I just want to honor their accomplishments here, because I have a voice. Because I can.

You go girls!

And to everyone else (including me) watching the moves of these women in the spotlight right now: Let’s just consider how we might work toward our personal dreams too, and try not to stab our tiny pitchforks of unrequited dreams in the direction of these examples of success.

Let’s work. Let’s love as best we can! Let’s dream. And put energy towards making our world better, rather than trying to tear down the images of others.

What do you think? This is new media so you can tell me and all the other readers (in the comments below) how crazy and inappropriate this is: if you feel that to be true.

We can also rally our resources toward celebrating the accomplishments of successful people, as well as pumping ourselves up to more fully offer our personal blessings to the blogosphere, daily life and world.

* This article is an offering for peace from Yogic Muse *

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