Our breath ~ The greatest gift of all.

Via Helene Rose
on Sep 8, 2010
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Giving thanks for the cycle of birth, life, and death.

I am forced into constant awareness of breath, as my youngest daughter struggles to breathe. Each instance of upper respiratory infection brings on this struggle to breath as her little lungs yearn to expand and contract with ease. And each time, I wait, I look, and I listen to whether she will continue to breath or not. We have had numerous emergency room visits in the darkness of night, visited numerous healers, alternative practitioners, and doctors, and have tried countless remedies to find a cure for her allergies and asthma. Thankfully, she has made some progress to wellness. As a mother, I have learned many important lessons of love, life and surrender.

There is no life without breath. We must breathe in order to live.

Because of my experience, I am amazed and in awe of my ability to breathe in the fresh air around me and deeply grateful that this breath sustains me.

In our lives, we are given reminders of the value of this great gift. Witnessing the birth of a newborn baby, a couple making sacred vows of love, losing a loved one, almost losing a loved one, and smelling acres upon acres of forest life burn to the ground,

I feel my breath, see my breath, and become my breath.

All we have is our breath.

For this I am thankful.

Each of us can chose how we will use our breath and what we offer to this great Earth. We can chose to be aware of how our breath and words have impact upon others. We can chose to be aware of how our breath, movement, and actions have impact upon others.

How can we show our deep gratitude for this gift?

What can we give?

What can possibly match the gift of breath?

Before motherhood, I was not aware of my breath, this great gift that was given to me. Clumsily, I found my way through engineering school, corporate jobs, and public school teaching. Motherhood has changed me forever. Birthing and raising my children has changed me forever. It has led me to my work on this Earth. Helping others find their way toward the light ~ in birth & life. The light within that desires to be flowing free and clear in your own truth. In almost every intuitive healing session with a client, breath is brought into awareness. Breath has the ability to relax or to tense. Breath has the ability to bring life or death.

When we are flowing free and clear in our own light, we have the opportunity to give something of value back to the Earth and Her beings. Our words and actions have a positive impact, bringing ourselves and others to a place of peace, love, and joy. What a wonderful gift to give!

Feel your breath, See your breath, Become your breath.

Live in your light.


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Helene Rose, MS, is passionate about supporting women to live brilliant lives and founded Be Brilliant Network LLC to serve as a portal for women to step into their radiance. Her life experience provides her with a deeply compassionate perspective and understanding of the modern woman’s struggle for mindful living and feminine empowerment. She lives in Boulder, CO with her family. Read more about Helene >>> HERE.


12 Responses to “Our breath ~ The greatest gift of all.”

  1. currierose says:

    WOW. What a great post! This is a wonderful reminder about the importance of an attitude of gratitude… at least that is how I took it. I am so glad I read this with my coffee before starting my day. I am inspired to be me and be conscious of my breath.

    Have a blessed day.

    PS- as I read this, I had goosebumps on my body which is usually a sign I have learned that spirit is either in what I am reading or experiencing OR trying to get my attention to pay attention… great post. 🙂

  2. Angela Hawk says:

    Lovely post. I can most definately relate to your post. Beautiful.

  3. Chelsea Podowski says:

    Inspiring post! <3

  4. Thank you for sharing the beauty of the breath and your personal journey towards appreciating each inhalation and exhalation for the gift of life and love that they are.

    I'm sure you have tried all types of remedies for the asthma/allergies. Here are some hints and helps for children with asthma – maybe they will be useful to you and provides some relief. http://yogainmyschool.com/2010/07/22/yoga-for-chi

  5. helene_rose says:

    CurrieRose ~ I hope that you had a wonderful day yesterday and everyday! Enjoy your coffee!
    Angela & Chelsea ~ Glad to hear! I appreciate your comments.
    Donna ~ Both of my girls love yoga, and I've been wanting to get them into a regular class. What a great idea to have it right in the school!

  6. Rosel says:

    I read it to your Grandma this morning and she loved it! Also showed her your Facebook page and website…. smiles all around!

  7. Rebeca says:

    LOve it!

  8. ~Cyn~ says:


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