October 25, 2010

Spiritual Halloween Costumes.

Top-10 Halloween costumes for the spiritually-inclined Elephant Journal Reader!

In honor of my favorite holiday, Halloween, I have decided to come up with some last-minute costume ideas which contain a bit of a “spiritual edge.” Enjoy!

10. Yodi. Let the force flow through you as you fall deeper into your favorite yoga pose!

9.  Vegetarian zombie. Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you have to give up mindfulness! Instead of all of that suffering that is caused by you craving brains, perhaps you should go the healthier route of screaming for graaaaaaaaaaaaains!

8. Innopropriate yoga guy. C’mon! You know him! And it couldn’t be easier to gear up! Just make a stop by American Apparel!

7. Recycling. For the environmentally conscious of you, why not go as recycling? Add the recycling symbol to the front and you are good to go!

6.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Buddha. You love turtles. You dig Buddha. Who says you have to choose?

5. Chuck E. Jesus. Is it just me or does is sound like they are singing, Chuck E. Jesus! Where a kid can be a kid!

4. Hello Cthulhu. This one would take quite a bit of time but would be worth the effort!

3.  Ahura Mazda. See how many Zorastrians you can find this Halloween season by referencing the highest deity of worship, the God of Truth, Ahura Mazda! Don’t want to wear a beard and carry around a giant ring with wings? No worries! I have your solution right here!

2. Douchisattva, a.k.a, The Locust. You might already have these items in your closet and on your alter! Just remember that this costume is more about attitude than clothing!

And the number one spiritually-based costume is:

Waylon Lewis, founder and editor of Elephant Journal and pimp extraordinaire!

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