elephant exclusive: Anusara Yoga’s John Friend video at Leaders Causing Leaders.

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on Nov 16, 2010
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First look for elephant readers: John Friend Video below.

Video: John Friend‘s Five Principles of Leadership.

John Friend: featured along with Byron Katie, Ishmael Beah, Jason Mraz, Mark Victor Hansen, Stephen M.R. Covey, Anna Getty and others at Leaders Causing Leaders conference in Long Beach, California.

“Step up and be that leader…from this day.” ~ John Friend, at Leaders Causing Leaders.

I was honored to see John’s speech, live—and later, Kasey Luber and I talked (and joked, and read poetry) with him at some length (those videos coming soon via Kasey).

Below, John speaks directly to a diverse crowd that ranged from self-proclaimed New Age to authentic leaders such as Ishmael Beah. The Leaders Causing Leaders conference, held in Long Beach, California, walked its talk in bringing a diverse group together and helping inspire the forging of beneficial connections, new and old.

It was an honor to reconnect with John—but, more, it was a pleasure. He’s equal parts cheerful and frank—a rare and difficult combination that comes from years of practice and working for the benefit of others. ~ Ed.

The below summary comes via Leaders Causing LeadersLia Aprile:

John Friend’s 5 Principles (to create a new paradigm):

1.  Be like the sky. Be open, have a beginner’s mind.

2.  Be like the Earth.  Embody your deep talents. (Like blogging.  Um…wait…).

3.  Be like water.  Feel.  Be fluid, be sensitive, be compassionate. (Yes, yes, and double yes)

4.  Be like fire.  Have a burning for the highest.  Aspire to serve.  Dare to be courageous no matter the darkness.

5.  Be like air.  Like the wind, that can move around any problem.  Be imaginative and innovative.


John Friend Leaders Causing Leaders from davekennedy on Vimeo.

Time for a New Paradigm: John Friend Shares 5 Principles at Leaders Causing Leaders

John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga, took a quick jaunt from his Melt Your Heart, Blow Your Mind world tour to speak at Leaders Causing Leaders, sharing his five principles for creating a new paradigm.  Check it out!


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18 Responses to “elephant exclusive: Anusara Yoga’s John Friend video at Leaders Causing Leaders.”

  1. Katrina Knudsen says:

    Thank you, Waylon! So great connecting with you at Leaders Causing Leaders. Looking forward to the next round of videos from there. 🙂

  2. Shakti Mama says:

    YES! <3 <3 <3

  3. beejgalvan says:

    The Year has Melted the Hearts of who knows how many, and Blown the Minds shifted paradigms…

  4. yogajunkie says:

    So well said and presented from such a sincere and auspicious man.

  5. Tara says:

    Beautiful! Great easy metaphor in the five elements on how to live life unified with the Truth of nature.

  6. Scott says:

    "Be Humble. Start Fresh. Start New. "As long as one can be taught, one will learn.

  7. The synthesis that this man is capable of is truly a gift. Grateful that he shares it over and over again!

  8. Katrina Knudsen says:

    Ahh, first principle. 🙂

  9. MiLo says:

    Thanks so maha much for speaking the transformative transmission into existence! Keep on kali-committing to the biggest love!

  10. KKshakti says:

    Hooray! Thanks for posting ~ may the new paradigm continue to take root and explode out!

  11. swati jr* says:

    these are ancient principles- used throughout indigenous communities. times may change, but truths don't. glad to see that leaders are continuing to share true leadership qualities. thank you john!

  12. Ginger Coy says:

    "Make a pact with your soul to go to the next level, the next level of your frequency…see the light of the highest" JF. Love it! Good words to live by to be a leader.

  13. John has inspired ME to make a pact with my soul.

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  15. Look forward to Kasey's videos.

    Bob W.

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  17. Carol Horton says:

    Nice. Very positive and inspiring. Thanks.

  18. […] of a time choosing a Yoga “Group” to hang out with. I am inspired by the open-hearts of the Anusara Yogis, the dedication of the Ashtanga Yogis, and the approachability of the Viniyoga Yogis. I always feel […]