December 17, 2010

Green Holiday – Parties & Entertaining

This is the most party packed time of the year! Lots of food, drinking and tons of waste going on. So however you choose to celebrate, do your best to be nice to the earth while you’re at it!  Here are just a few tips to help you green your holiday celebrations!

Eco Invites – As nice as it is to receive a hand written invite, we all know they end up in the trash.  Use Evite or Ping and get the job done quick without spending a dime of wasting paper.

Real or compostable dishware -Sure, cute holiday plates and napkins are adorable and festive but they are expensive and fill landfills like nobody’s business.  Do your best to use real dishware by investing in some fun holiday dishes or even mix and match by borrowing from friends and neighbors. But if you’re not in the mood to wash a truck load, opt for compostable dishware or dishes such as VerTerra.

Personalize glassware – A great way to keep folks from wasting cups and glasses is to be sure that they keep theirs the whole night long. Ask that folks bring their own glasses or get creative on ways to personalize their beverage containers. From wine glass charms to simply writing their name on them, this will do the trick if you’re using disposable cups or just trying to conserve on washing a ton of glasses.

Green Decor – See last week’s Eco Holiday Decor post ; )

Gift your decor – Solve 2 problems at once by gifting your decorative items instead of purchasing separate gifts and wasting on decor. Decorate with plants and ornaments that can sevre as take aways at the end of the night. They are great mementos for guests and help with costs and clean up.

Lighten up on lights – Shoot for candles and low lighting to keep the energy costs down and the ambiance up. This time of year, fireplaces and outdoor fire pits are wonderful as are candles and sparse LED fixtures.

Eco Fashion – I know it’s tempting to run out and buy a new party dress but there are greener and cheaper ways to sizzle this season.  Jazz up clothes by mixing an matching or have fun if you know how to sew by trimming and embellshing. Or better yet, do a clothing swap with friends so everyone saves some money while getting to rock new threads!

Shop locally for your holiday treats – Whether you’ll be slaving over a hot stove or just picking up some delicious dishes, do your best to shop and support local vendors. From produce to baked goods, buying locally grown and made food stuffs not only helps boost the local economy but lessens the energy in shipping conventional stuff to the big grocery chains.  Plus it tastes way better! This goes for wines too! Go organic and local!
Clean up Green – Compost food and clean with green cleaning products. Do your best to recycle or reuse items such as tablecloths, napkins, etc. You can green everything from the food waste to the trash bag (go biodegradable) and start the new year on the right foot!

Of all the seasons, green is the color that suits this one best! very happy & merry holidays to you and yours!

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