January 4, 2011: An Auspicious Solar Eclipse.

Via Sam Geppi
on Jan 4, 2011
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On January 4, 2011 we had a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius (using the sidereal zodiac that is accurate with the stars in the sky, not the seasons). A solar eclipse happens when the orbits of the Sun, Moon and Earth line up in the same plane of three-dimensional space. On that day, when the New Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, the light of the Sun is either completely blocked out (total solar eclipse) or partially blocked out (partial solar eclipse), as will be the case at approximately 9 AM GMT on the morning on January 4, 2011.

At that moment the Sun, Moon, North node and Mars all joined in Sagittarius, a sign related to righteousness and law (both man-made law and God-made law or what is called “Dharma”, in eastern traditions). Sagittarius is the external/masculine nature of Jupiter, the planet of guidance, philosophy, teachings and righteousness. Through Sagittarius we actively express these things, mainly into the external world, as is the nature of masculine signs.

Thus, Sagittarius is related to things such as law, politics, teachers and teachings – preachers, ministers and religion. Have you ever noticed the connections between the church and politics, Law and politics, Law and the church? Jupiter, mainly expressed through Sagittarius, is important in these things.

By contrast, the other Jupiter ruled sign is Pisces. It shows the internal, reflective nature of Jupiter. Pisces is related to philosophies, Dharma and law as well, but it is expressed in a more mystical and creative way. Metaphysics, spirituality (not religion), selfless service, spiritual devotion and more unifying concepts have to do with Pisces.

We see a deep principle at play when we assess Sagittarius and Pisces as different facets of Jupiter – the quality of masculine and feminine energies in astrology and in life. Masculine energy is generally more related to clarity, delineation, and action (especially expressed through a fire sign like Sagittarius). Feminine energy is more related to unification, dissolving boundaries and sensitivity (especially expressed through a water sign like Pisces).

The conjunction of the Sun, Mars and Rahu in Sagittarius brings enormous potential to accomplish big things in our life. This is especially true with things that relate to our sense of purpose, and what we are willing to fight for. Making this eclipse even more auspicious is the fact that Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is in his own sign of Pisces. Thus, even though we will be oriented toward taking action (Sagittarius/masculine) it will be with a much more sensitive, unifying and mystical view (Pisces/feminine).

Important Aspects

There are also several important aspects happening during the eclipse. There is an auspicious aspect of Jupiter to Venus in Scorpio. The association of Jupiter brings luck, guidance and the teachers who help us learn the lesson. Whenever a planet moves into a trinal relationship with Jupiter, we can expect a lesson to be learned.

Venus is the planet of seeking love and beauty through art and creativity, interpersonal relationships and simply wanting to be happy in life. When Venus goes into Scorpio, the desire for happiness becomes quite intense and may lead to obsessions and riding an emotional roller coaster. However, it may also lead us to the depths of creative beauty, where many of our deeper lessons lie. Especially with the influence of Jupiter’s aspect, this sublime beauty is a possibility. Now is an excellent time to pursue your creative passions. But be careful of obsessive romantic actions or intense sensual connections in general.

Also important is the aspect between Saturn and Mercury. These are two planets of neutrality that help us make rational decisions about life. Saturn in Virgo is aspecting Mercury in Scorpio, two Tamasic signs (oriented toward self-improvement by removing or avoiding trouble). Now is an excellent time for us to face certain problems squarely, without passion or aversion, and get them handled. For each person this will be different, but there also common themes. Getting a better handle on your day-to-day routines, especially related to health and diet is important. Also, organizing your external world to be reflective of your internal one is key.

A Quick Overview of The 12 Signs and This Solar Eclipse

The conjunction of Sun, Moon and Earth is no small thing. Even though we hear of eclipses all the time, they are actually quite rare. Meaning, the amount of actual time of eclipses is less than one day per year, perhaps twelve to sixteen hours out of 365 days.

Therefore, the importance of the moment of an eclipse is said to give its affects until the next eclipse cycle (about six months) and perhaps even further into the future. Below is a basic guideline for each of the twelve zodiac signs. These are the sidereal rising signs, not the tropical, seasonal zodiac of Western astrology.

There is a strong emphasis on philosophical matters. You will be deepening your personal philosophies, teachings and higher sense of purpose in the world. Look for important teachers.

There is a strong emphasis on strengthening your fears and insecurities. You will be learning that there are things you simply can’t control. You must accept and embrace   uncertainty as a creative principle.

There is a strong emphasis on interpersonal relationships. You will be learning how to stay engaged and committed with others even when it stops being enjoyable, fun or stimulating.

There is a strong emphasis on service to what you truly love. The things we love create the most work. If we want our hearts desire to manifest, we need to handle all of the unpleasantness associated with it. If you have a baby, you need to change diapers.

There is a strong emphasis on personal creativity. You’ll be learning to courageously follow your heart’s desire and give birth to what is meaningful only to you, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

There is an emphasis on strengthening your emotional core. The perfection you seek must take root in an open heart. If not, it simply makes you an unpleasant, fussy critic – a frustrated, anonymous genius (in your own mind).

There is a strong emphasis on flexibility and exploring your interests. Look for opportunities and challenges to go beyond your comfort zone or your circle of friends. There’s a price to pay for being popular.

There is a strong emphasis on deepening your values and assessing what is truly valuable in life. Making adjustments in your day-to-day environment, home, health and diet will be important.

There is a strong emphasis on personal growth and identity. Who are you beneath the many roles you must play? These are the questions you’ve been answering for the last year or so. Now is the time to take action toward that highest self.

There is a strong emphasis on surrender and rejuvenation. Learning to relax, trust and let go is a big theme now. Pay attention to the realm of imagination and dream yourself awake.

There is a strong emphasis on public aspirations and service to causes bigger than yourself. How would you like to see the world? Now is the time to step up and “be the change you want to see”.

There is a strong emphasis on taking responsibility for what you truly believe in. Many times this translates as our career, but it may also be any activities where you are willing to step up, advocate and be seen and accounted for.

Here is a detailed video that explains the January 4, 2011 solar eclipse in much more detail.


About Sam Geppi

Sam Geppi is a Vedic astrologer, and teacher. He is the author of "The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology." You can learn more about the universe and why astrology makes sense by checking out his Free Astrology Class CD, his Facebook and his Membership Website.


25 Responses to “January 4, 2011: An Auspicious Solar Eclipse.”

  1. Mari says:

    It's wonderful to see a great jyotishi sharing this vital knowledge here at ElephantJournal. Thank you, Sam, for your always insightful and inspirational teachings!

  2. Daniel says:

    valuable information. 🙂

  3. Oh this is brilliant. Sadasiva, your Mercury skills are really shining through. This info is so pertinent and uplifting, esp. since these eclipses affect us for weeks and months at a time. I am sharing it with people who are vibrating high enough to hear this.
    Thank you!

  4. Jeanine Ligon says:

    Dear Sam: Once again a very concise and spiritual explanation of the forces at work right now and into the near future. It really is a time for simplifying and letting go of all the outgrown baggage. Time to travel light into the light. Our relationships are taking a great shaking at this time and all the "me, me" stuff has got to go. I am looking forward to working together to make this a better and more spiritual reality. My natal Jupiter is in Piscis along with Venus and Rahu in the 8th house, so for me this is graduation time. I have been working with a lot of children over the past fifteen years and am passing the torch on to them that they may lead with love, compassion and awareness of our Divinity. Namaste, Jeanine

  5. samgeppi says:

    Thanks Folks, glad this speaks to you.

    We are breathing rareified air now. I was not just writing cool stuff when I discussed the 12/21/2010 Solstice eclipse, it was the opening of a deep portal for the Vidya to flow into – and we are the vessels.

    Savitri et al,.. share this will all to raise their vibrations.

  6. Pua La`a says:

    Thank you again for this insightful info. Blessings!

  7. Gabriele Matschulla says:

    Thank you again for your Love and Devotion sharing your exquisite Knowledge. What a wonderful life support, starting to live from clarity and understanding.

  8. Micheline says:

    Hi, If I follow this type of astrology then I am not really a sag right? Or am I still a sag being born on dec.6….Do I got back a sign? Am I then really a scorpio instead?
    It is confusing…..

  9. Maria says:

    Nicely written, Sam. Thank you for breaking it down sign by sign too. I hope you have more articles in this journal in the future. I'm glad people are reading and understanding the significance of these last two eclipses; especially the eclipse on Dec. 21, 2010. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. Namaste.

  10. Ramesh says:

    Hi Sam. Very good article on solar eclipse. Thanks for including me in your mailing list.

  11. Kit Oldfield says:

    Sam you are AWESOME!

  12. Bala says:

    Hi As usual a display of ignorance and limited intellectual abilities :
    1.”At that moment the Sun, Moon, North node and Mars all joined in Sagittarius..” respected sir the Sun and one of the nodes has to be in the same sign and the moon in the same or the opposite (7th house ) for an eclipse to happen. Suggest you brush up on basic astronomy before rushing off to pontificate on matters beyond ur ken
    2. You are mysteriously silent on the implication of Mars being in the same sign
    3. Eclipses are normal phenomena and none of the basic books on vedic astrology has given eclipses any role in individual horoscope analysis (they do have role in mundane astrology dealing with the country or global events : a matter on which you are silent).Giving unnecessary importance to routine events is only an attempt by bankrupt astrologers to remain relevant and noticed.
    4. The signification of Sagitarius (or any other Constellation ) will depend on the house it occupies in your horoscope.General statements (“Sagittarius is related to things such as law, politics, teachers ” ) are wrong and misleading….i could go on and on
    This guy is hopeless You are wasting your time with him

  13. Padma says:

    I have the same question… born 29th of May according to western astrology I would be a Gemini… according to Vedic astrology may be Taurus…??? Once I heard, that Western astrology helps understanding oneself, but Vedic astrology is more accurate regarding our every day life. In case of above pointed out themes for each sign, the insecurity issue seems more my present learning-theme than the relationship-issue…

  14. padma says:

    sorry Bala, having different view-points is ok and I am not an authority on the subjct, who can say who is right here, but your way of presenting your point of view does not give me the impression, that you have learned much from astrology or from any other source of wisdom

  15. ali says:

    it is Very good article on solar eclipse.Thank you for breaking it down sign by sign too.

  16. samgeppi says:

    Padma and Micheline, to find sidereal placements you subtract about 24 degrees from western astrology placements.

    In Vedic astrology (and classical western astrology) the ascendant / rising sign is the most important identifying feature. Western pop astrology has been codified around the Tropical Sun signs, the "I'm a Taurus" because you were born in May. Really we are all 12 signs – planets, etc.

    The Tropical Sun sign as an identifying factor would probably be used more in Western astrology analysis.

    Here I am describing the area of impact (Sagittarius) relative to the other 12 signs (ascendants mostly).

    Hope that makes sense.

  17. Reinald says:

    Dear Micheline,

    In the Vedic astrological system (the Sidereal zodiac) on Dec. 6 your Sun is indeed in Scorpio.
    But your personality is more determined by your ascendant than your Sun sign. That depends on your exact birthtime.


  18. samgeppi says:

    You are so incorrect on so many astrological fronts, it is not even worth discussing. But i see you have trolled here now to harass me as you have at my private blog and other places.

    By the way "Bala",. what is you real name?

    Mine is Sam Geppi. I am out in the open and accountable for my views.

    I have a suggestion for you, friend. Instead of chasing me around the internet cowardly attacking me, protected by a wall of anonymity, why don't you stand up and be accountable, with your actual name and your actual interpretations on the line.

    I challenge you to start your own blog with your actual name and face on it and with articles, videos and your actual words on it yourself. Maybe then you will feel the same authentic satisfaction I feel by expressing my views – instead of the painful frustration I see you exhibiting here and at other times.

    In the meantime, your participation here, and in other blogs you troll, is cowardly and unworthy of the divine soul you are.

    Please grow up, for your own sake.

  19. Wow! Quite shocking to read this reply to such an amazing article written by one of the most gifted astrologers I have been fortunate enough to meet and learn from. Especially to say "this guy is hopeless you are wasting your time with him". I just wanted to say, Bala, that wherever you are on this planet, I do hope for you love and joy in your heart. I am sure you know your name means strength, and it takes a lot of strength to dig down deep into ourselves and reconcile our own dark places, while the weak way out is to criticize others who are actively pursing their dharma and bringing such light, love and gifts to the world. Om Shanti.

  20. Jill says:

    Nice response to Bala, Sam. About the confusion over sidereal placements, is the formula too complex to be shown simply, in a chart for example? I'm confused also.

  21. Bala says:

    Hi : to Sam Glad to get some response from you.(the two posts i made on your blog were deleted\not posted : you are the coward not me)If you want to go public with your views you should not expect all your readers to fawn and flatter you.I am not hiding : you have my email: tell me what else you want. I am not following you around.Take me off your subscriber list and i wont bother you. I do feel that you know little about astrology,that your intellectual limitations are quite evident and you are misleading vulnerable people. and i do have strong feeling about the commercialization of a sacred vidya. You have not now or ever answered a single point i made.
    to others : Sam and I have a history where a innocent query resulted in a abusive response from Sam (fear leads to violence).I apologize if i have disturbed you though i have no doubt that you will get nothing of value from this guy.

  22. laurabrowntarot says:

    very cool. Here's an article I just wrote pertaining to astrology, tarot and the New Year that also mentions yoga and the seventh chakra. thought you might enjoy it!
    Laura 🙂 http://www.learntaroteasily.com/tarot-card-musing

  23. Reinald says:

    Dear Padma,

    You are right. On May, 29 the Sun is in Taurus according to the Vedic (sidereal) system.
    You can check this somewhat by considering the 'real' personality of your father. he is probably a very steady, reliable person oriented towards material securities in life and attached to comfort and luxury. That is Taurus all over. But there are many other detemining factors.
    Vedic astrology is much more equipped to analyse your personality and life than does the western system, which shows your Western personality (your sense of individuality) and views. Vedic astrology shows your spiritual development, the journey to Selfawareness, based on your karmic impressions from recent past lives.
    Truly insightful.



  24. samgeppi says:

    "Take me off your subscriber list and i wont bother you"

    So, you are on my email list. Who knew? Of course as everyone knows, email lists are all voluntary – called double opt-in. You fill out a form then you must confirm the email address. You subscribed and you can UNsubscribe at any time because there is an unsubscribe link in every one. It is the law. But of course – in typical "troll" fashion – you portray that as us having a "history" and that i "have your email" – as if I know you and there is parity.

    You are one of close to 7,000 subscribers on my lists and believe me, if I knew which email was yours I would remove it.

    So, let's see if you have any honor, for even your own word.

    You said:
    "Take me off your subscriber list and i wont bother you".

    So right now,
    1. go to the last email you received from me –
    2. scroll to the bottom
    3. Click the "unsubscribe" link that is automatically generated with every email.

    You will then be removed.


    1. Just click "reply" to it –
    2. Put "unsubscribe" in the body of the message.

  25. bala says:

    hmmm glad to see that you managed to remain (almost) civil Keep at it and you will get there …I can't post a comment without giving my email Find it and delete it and you can go back to being the cherub in the kindergarten