January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011: An Auspicious Solar Eclipse.

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On January 4, 2011 we had a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius (using the sidereal zodiac that is accurate with the stars in the sky, not the seasons). A solar eclipse happens when the orbits of the Sun, Moon and Earth line up in the same plane of three-dimensional space. On that day, when the New Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, the light of the Sun is either completely blocked out (total solar eclipse) or partially blocked out (partial solar eclipse), as will be the case at approximately 9 AM GMT on the morning on January 4, 2011.

At that moment the Sun, Moon, North node and Mars all joined in Sagittarius, a sign related to righteousness and law (both man-made law and God-made law or what is called “Dharma”, in eastern traditions). Sagittarius is the external/masculine nature of Jupiter, the planet of guidance, philosophy, teachings and righteousness. Through Sagittarius we actively express these things, mainly into the external world, as is the nature of masculine signs.

Thus, Sagittarius is related to things such as law, politics, teachers and teachings – preachers, ministers and religion. Have you ever noticed the connections between the church and politics, Law and politics, Law and the church? Jupiter, mainly expressed through Sagittarius, is important in these things.

By contrast, the other Jupiter ruled sign is Pisces. It shows the internal, reflective nature of Jupiter. Pisces is related to philosophies, Dharma and law as well, but it is expressed in a more mystical and creative way. Metaphysics, spirituality (not religion), selfless service, spiritual devotion and more unifying concepts have to do with Pisces.

We see a deep principle at play when we assess Sagittarius and Pisces as different facets of Jupiter – the quality of masculine and feminine energies in astrology and in life. Masculine energy is generally more related to clarity, delineation, and action (especially expressed through a fire sign like Sagittarius). Feminine energy is more related to unification, dissolving boundaries and sensitivity (especially expressed through a water sign like Pisces).

The conjunction of the Sun, Mars and Rahu in Sagittarius brings enormous potential to accomplish big things in our life. This is especially true with things that relate to our sense of purpose, and what we are willing to fight for. Making this eclipse even more auspicious is the fact that Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is in his own sign of Pisces. Thus, even though we will be oriented toward taking action (Sagittarius/masculine) it will be with a much more sensitive, unifying and mystical view (Pisces/feminine).

Important Aspects

There are also several important aspects happening during the eclipse. There is an auspicious aspect of Jupiter to Venus in Scorpio. The association of Jupiter brings luck, guidance and the teachers who help us learn the lesson. Whenever a planet moves into a trinal relationship with Jupiter, we can expect a lesson to be learned.

Venus is the planet of seeking love and beauty through art and creativity, interpersonal relationships and simply wanting to be happy in life. When Venus goes into Scorpio, the desire for happiness becomes quite intense and may lead to obsessions and riding an emotional roller coaster. However, it may also lead us to the depths of creative beauty, where many of our deeper lessons lie. Especially with the influence of Jupiter’s aspect, this sublime beauty is a possibility. Now is an excellent time to pursue your creative passions. But be careful of obsessive romantic actions or intense sensual connections in general.

Also important is the aspect between Saturn and Mercury. These are two planets of neutrality that help us make rational decisions about life. Saturn in Virgo is aspecting Mercury in Scorpio, two Tamasic signs (oriented toward self-improvement by removing or avoiding trouble). Now is an excellent time for us to face certain problems squarely, without passion or aversion, and get them handled. For each person this will be different, but there also common themes. Getting a better handle on your day-to-day routines, especially related to health and diet is important. Also, organizing your external world to be reflective of your internal one is key.

A Quick Overview of The 12 Signs and This Solar Eclipse

The conjunction of Sun, Moon and Earth is no small thing. Even though we hear of eclipses all the time, they are actually quite rare. Meaning, the amount of actual time of eclipses is less than one day per year, perhaps twelve to sixteen hours out of 365 days.

Therefore, the importance of the moment of an eclipse is said to give its affects until the next eclipse cycle (about six months) and perhaps even further into the future. Below is a basic guideline for each of the twelve zodiac signs. These are the sidereal rising signs, not the tropical, seasonal zodiac of Western astrology.

There is a strong emphasis on philosophical matters. You will be deepening your personal philosophies, teachings and higher sense of purpose in the world. Look for important teachers.

There is a strong emphasis on strengthening your fears and insecurities. You will be learning that there are things you simply can’t control. You must accept and embrace   uncertainty as a creative principle.

There is a strong emphasis on interpersonal relationships. You will be learning how to stay engaged and committed with others even when it stops being enjoyable, fun or stimulating.

There is a strong emphasis on service to what you truly love. The things we love create the most work. If we want our hearts desire to manifest, we need to handle all of the unpleasantness associated with it. If you have a baby, you need to change diapers.

There is a strong emphasis on personal creativity. You’ll be learning to courageously follow your heart’s desire and give birth to what is meaningful only to you, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

There is an emphasis on strengthening your emotional core. The perfection you seek must take root in an open heart. If not, it simply makes you an unpleasant, fussy critic – a frustrated, anonymous genius (in your own mind).

There is a strong emphasis on flexibility and exploring your interests. Look for opportunities and challenges to go beyond your comfort zone or your circle of friends. There’s a price to pay for being popular.

There is a strong emphasis on deepening your values and assessing what is truly valuable in life. Making adjustments in your day-to-day environment, home, health and diet will be important.

There is a strong emphasis on personal growth and identity. Who are you beneath the many roles you must play? These are the questions you’ve been answering for the last year or so. Now is the time to take action toward that highest self.

There is a strong emphasis on surrender and rejuvenation. Learning to relax, trust and let go is a big theme now. Pay attention to the realm of imagination and dream yourself awake.

There is a strong emphasis on public aspirations and service to causes bigger than yourself. How would you like to see the world? Now is the time to step up and “be the change you want to see”.

There is a strong emphasis on taking responsibility for what you truly believe in. Many times this translates as our career, but it may also be any activities where you are willing to step up, advocate and be seen and accounted for.

Here is a detailed video that explains the January 4, 2011 solar eclipse in much more detail.

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