Catching Thoughts: Pretty Sexy Power.

Via Celia Aurora de Blas
on Jan 7, 2011
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Empowerment is “feeling powerful.” defines empowerment this way: “to give power or authority to.” When you give authority to yourself then you feel like you can do anything. So, why do we ever wait for others to give us permission to do things? As a woman I’m finding that there are several things that I can do to give myself a feeling of power.

(Men, you’ll probably agree. But if you want to skip the woman talk, you may want to jump down to the second video. You’ll at least reap the benefit of this Pretty, Sexy, Power discussion that I’m having with the ladies by watching it..!)

I think that many of us don’t realize how much power we hold just by virtue of being women. Elizabeth Gilbert called it “Pretty Power” in Eat Pray Love. And that is exactly where our ‘sexy’ comes into play, because sexy is all about empowerment.

As an actress, I’ve found that there are certain things that I can do to give myself the feeling of power too, like creating my own projects. I don’t think I’ve ever been more satisfied as an actress than when I’m making my own projects/ ideas come to life. Check out my latest video and please also check out my page with a whole lot more information about the project and ways you may want to be involved for some “Pretty, Sexy, Power time” as Elizabeth Gilbert might say…or would that be more like Ali Gee?…How about Ali-zabeth Geelbert?



About Celia Aurora de Blas

Celia Aurora de Blas is an Actress, Producer and Yoga Nidra teacher in Los Angeles. By being honest and public about her path in changing herself, she intends to help others by example. "Change is challenging, but it helps when we see others do what we're trying to do. It makes it less scary."


6 Responses to “Catching Thoughts: Pretty Sexy Power.”

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  2. Dianne says:

    Several years ago, around the time of menopause, I started changing my style. Now I always dress up a bit, never go out without basic makeup, and always, always wear jewelry. I wear simple but dramatic clothes, shop for interesting pieces of jewelry and accessories; scarves are big with me. The accessories add drama to a backfround of solid colors. The jewelry does not have to be expensive at all. I tossed aside the sneakers, and wear a bit of a heel. I find it feels better to my lower back. I get many compliments on the way I dress, and would feel underdressed if I went totally casual. Since doing this I notice how badly women in USA treat themselves with clothing, they get way too casual, sloppy, wear a look a teenager can get away with but looks frumpy on mature women. I believe this comes from not reaizing that time has flown by while they take care of everybody else.

    At the same time I started adding color to the walls of my house, and also artwork. I guess you could say I took on a new sophistication. It feels enlivening. Very good. I notice it is catching!!!

  3. Aurora says:

    Nice, Dianne! There is something about taking the time to put on things that make you feel worth it. If you treat yourself like you're worth it, then you start feeling worth it and that is where your lowest bottom will lie, which is where we should all be.

  4. SweetSelf says:

    I'm in my late 40s and a couple of years ago I started giving myself loads of personal attention, something I had neglected to do over the years. Along with starting a yoga practice and taking some dance lessons, I started spending more time in self care: applying lotions, creams, body oils, and dressing in ways that are more creative and interesting to me (affordably with thrift store items). I am more present to myself. I feel a certain glow and I know it shines outward. I have noticed that people respond to me differently these days, even strangers in public–men and women smile at me and greet me; a few have even stopped me in grocery stores to compliment me. I seldom have rankling flareups over customer service issues any more, because issues are resolved more calmly. In a few months I will be 50, and I am happy to find myself the most attractive, fit and strong I have been in my adult life. I am loving the confidence and power I feel.

  5. Aurora says:

    I love this. You are inspirational, Sweetself. It's lovely to embrace yourself and give yourself permission to move on your whims, isn't it? Thank you for pointing this out:) I too am enjoying growing older. I like myself better because I make better choices, listen to my gut, have more curiosity/play with my life/my body and take more risks. I think learning to be alone and liking it has helped tremendously.

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