January 3, 2011

(Somewhat) Gentle, Simple Reminders for the New Year

The New Year is here – you’re probably either screaming in terror or jumping for joy.

No matter how you approach it, the New Year is a great time to start fresh, get inspired, and move forward. For many of us, it’s all easier said than done.

With that in mind, I present to you a few helpful (and not-so-subtle) nudges in the right direction (and a bit of my own subtext).

“If everything is important, then nothing is.” – Anonymous

Not everything is a crisis. Calm the f**k down and take things one at a time.

“How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.” – Benjamin Disraeli

We could all stand to be at least 1% more compassionate to anyone and everyone.

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they are just falling into place.” – Anonymous

The chaos of change in inevitable, but how you let it affect you isn’t.

“Imagination means nothing without doing.” – Charlie Chaplin

Think it, do it, end of story – no steps in-between.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” – Anonymous

Smile no matter how you feel. There’s always a reason to smile.

“We shouldn’t spend money on things we don’t need when others don’t have the things they do.” – The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer

Money doesn’t equal happiness – a lesson that is easy (yet very expensive & wasteful) to forget.

“Unless someone like you
cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss

We all have the ability to create positive change. Find a cause you’re passionate about & do your part (large, small, or otherwise).


Do you have a favorite intelligent, inspirational quote?

Share it in the comments, along with your own blunt interpretation of its content. 🙂

[Photo credit: Shawn Thomas]
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