February 23, 2011

Sadie Nardini’s 2 Weeks to Transformation: Ready…Set…Cleanse!

Ready…Set…Cleanse! Our 2 Weeks to Transformation starts TOMORROW!

Want to lose weight or bloat, look bright, feel ready to tackle the day, and get stronger and leaner in 2 weeks? No, this isn’t an infomercial, it’s a really, really good idea I have.

I’m reading the book “Clean” by Alejandro Junger, M.D. I’ll give you the Cliff’s notes: our emotions, environment, water and food supply is often toxic, and a period of cleansing is recommended once in a while lest your insides end up looking like a high school film club remake of The Swamp Thing.

We all know it’s good to give our digestion a break. However, as anyone who reads my blogs or comes to my workshops knows, I’m not a proponent of the all-or-nothing, give-your-digestion-a-“break”-by-starving-yourself-for-10-days approach.

Losing a few accumulated pounds and/or detoxing isn’t rocket science, though you’d think so from all the books and experts out there. Life is busy enough. Let’s keep it simple. Here’s my “cleansing book” in one paragraph:

The body is designed to clean itself. If you spend a good amount of time giving it things it understands how to process (an apple, not a McDonald’s Apple Pie), it will work miracles for you. Anti-aging, healing, weight loss, more energy, better sleep, al outcomes of putting the focus as much on what goes into your body as all the output we do for ourselves and others each day.

In line with my urge to get cleaner, and quit paying for juices every day at the health food store, I’ve recently purchased a blender and a juicer, and have been getting pretty excited about my own Conscious Cleanse, which is conscious of both the quality of ingredients I’ll consume, but also conscious of the fact that I need FOOD, calories and energy to power me through my hectic days and blessed yoga practices at night.

I’m not going polar–moderation is more my style.

Oh…and I want you to do this with me.

That’s right, this is your call to action. Your 24-hour notice that, if you choose it, tomorrow, Thursday Feb. 24th, will be the start of our 2 week health, body and vitality transformation!

I’ll post daily recipes on my FaceBook page (www.facebook.com/SadieYoga), you can try them, or choose your own. The guidelines are broad, and easy:

During the day, eat mostly fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, Udo’s Oil) and added fiber (ground flaxseeds, chia seeds or psyllium husks).

At night, eat your regular meal with attention to not loading back in processed foods, sweets or other things your body is trying to detox from. I’d go higher in protein at night since we’re not getting a lot during the day. Or, add some egg whites or other easy to digest protein during the day–it’s your body. Give it what it needs.

You can make smoothies, as in our first recipe below. (it does have some other ingredients, but what did I say?–balance is key). Or, juice your veggies and fruits, but be sure to add in some fat and fiber for slow digestion. Make it yourself, get it from the health food store, do what you have to do to cut sugar, processed foods and calorie overload out, since as we yogis know, being as radiant on the inside as we are outwardly is so very in.



* 1 ripe avocado, halved and pitted

* 1 cup milk or soy or rice or almond milk

* 1/2 cup organic vanilla yogurt

* 3 tablespoons honey

*1 tsp ground flaxseed

* 8 ice cubes

Tomorrow, you’ll learn my favorite green juice recipe of all time.

Who’s with me?

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