The Voice of a Homebirth Mother.

Via Helene Rose
on Feb 6, 2011
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Homebirth Video & Interview with Samantha, a Homebirth Mother.


1) Was this your first homebirth?

I had my first 2 babies in a hospital and although they were good, easy, drug-free births I did not like the setting. I decided to have a home birth with my third baby and the difference was unbelievable! I used the only home birth midwife in my area but she had over 20 years experience and she is a truly lovely woman. We were very comfortable with her. That birth happened to be a meconium delivery but all went smoothly and no complications occurred. After that birth we could no longer picture a perfect birth anywhere else and continued having them at home with the same wonderful midwife. We just had our 7th baby 4 months ago and it was a perfect home birth.
2) Why did you choose to birth your baby at home?

After my 2nd baby was born in the hospital we didn’t like the environment, the constant interruptions by nurses and intrusions with breastfeeding. We knew a couple of people who had babies at home and just agreed to try a home birth the next time. We are so glad we did! Also, children see what a “normal birth” is like. My five oldest are all daughters and they have only seen home births and have only seen breastfeeding so to them this is the “norm.” This is how we can help bring births back home is by simply allowing our children to witness the experience – the same with breastfeeding.
3) Were you ever scared? What did you do to reduce your fears?

We were never scared but we were also very informed and read many books about home births and birthing alternatives. I always followed a healthy Brewers diet and always felt healthy and in shape. I would say that maintaining a healthy pregnancy and a positive attitude will greatly reduce complications during labor. Also read, read, read everything you can about pregnancy, labor and birth!
4) What were your favorite books?
The books that I thought were really the most helpful were:
  • – Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by the Hathaways.
  • – Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin.
  • – The Brewer Pregnancy Diet by Dr. Brewer.
  • – Safe Alternatives in Childbirth by David Stewart.
  • – Gentle Birth Choices (video & book) by Barbara Harper gives a wonderful glimpse into homebirth.
  • – Children at Birth by the Hathaways.
5) Were the people around you scared? What did you do to reduce their fears?

If anyone was scared who attended my births I was not aware of their fears. Again, I think if you as the mother are healthy and have a positive attitude, then that will help keep everyone feeling better about your choice to birth at home. I also would not want anyone to attend my birth who was “afraid.” If someone cannot work through their fear, then they need to stay away because attitudes are contagious.
6) For women considering homebirth, what advice or words of wisdom can you offer?

1. Be a healthy mom! Eat a great diet and exercise.
2. READ!!! Knowledge is key and the more you know the better your birth will be.
3. Involve dad! He will be a huge part in your birth so make sure he is ready! Practice relaxation techniques and communicate any wishes, fears, plans ahead of time.
4. Carefully plan your birth team and this includes friends and family. Do not invite nay-sayers to this wonderful moment! Use a midwife you are comfortable with and can trust.
5. Trust your body and your instincts. Know that many, many women before you have taken this journey and have succeeded. Believe that you are capable of wonderful and awesome things and that this is only the first step into motherhood. Know that if you can do this, birth your new baby, then you can in fact do ANYTHING!


This video shows Samantha giving birth to her baby at home. Please note that Samantha has graciously opened her heart and voice to share with you in order to create understanding and awareness of homebirth. You may leave a comment below that honors Samantha and her family as well as the gift she has given to all of us to witness her beautiful experience.

Would you like to help normalize homebirth?

The Normalizing Homebirth Project Inc has been formed in order to meet the needs of women who are choosing to birth at home and/or would like to birth at home. Our mission is to support families with one-to-one mentoring, homebirth circles for social and emotional support as well as need-based financial assistance for families who need it. Join today! It is only together, uniting our voice and hearts, that positive change can be made so that all choices in childbirth are honored and supported.


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15 Responses to “The Voice of a Homebirth Mother.”

  1. singingcello says:

    This is awesome! I am always blessed when someone decides to share their home birthing experience. I hope to someday follow in those very footsteps. Namaste

  2. Megan says:

    And of course inspiring the next generation 🙂 I never would have had a home birth if you hadn't. Thank you! Love you!!

  3. Devin says:

    Samantha is my wonderful wife who I love very much, and who has blessed me with so many great children. I just wanted to say that as a father to a natural/home birth, I have never been more proud in my life. After our first home birth I think my friends and co-workers got sick of hearing about it because I talked about it so much. I was just so excited and proud, my wife was amazing. I just never new a birth could be so good. All five home births were exciting and different, each with its challenges and wonderful reward. For fathers who want to be involved in the birth you will never be as important to your wife and new baby as you are in a home birth. I hope that all of you have a chance to experience it one day!

  4. Ginger says:

    Beautiful article and inspiring video. Thank you for sharing this!!

  5. helene_rose says:

    So glad that you wrote in Devin! It's wonderful to hear the dad's perspective! You are the Homebirth Dad of the year! – 5 homebirths!! Congrats…you have a beautiful family!

  6. helene_rose says:

    Hi Nina,

    The various ways that birth unfolds around the world never ceases to amaze me… each culture has their own set of beliefs, rules and regulations… sounds like the US can learn something from Norway! So glad to hear that your baby had such a loving arrival. Peace.

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  8. faerylandmom says:

    What a beautiful story, that brought tears to my eyes! I'm sharing this on my facebook page. I'm a home birth momma too, and can relate to every single one of those photos! I am so glad you chose to open up your story – may it be a rich blessing, and seed planted in the hearts of many!

  9. Brigida says:

    That is a sweet story. I wish to have homebirths too, specially after reading the wonderful Book of Kin by Vladimir Megre, highly recommend. The child’s appearance in the world needs to be surrounded by Love and familiar people, I think hospitals ar a very scary first impression of the world. Congrats for your choice!

  10. bodhibear says:

    Thanks for this interview. I love it. I home birthed our son but my initial decision was based on fear of how African American maternal mortality rates are disproportionally high across income, education, and all other kinds of strata in a hospital setting. Thank you for your part in normalizing this process.

  11. Cat Cunningham says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience! I feel inspired 🙂

  12. Sarah says:

    Samantha and Devin, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I was especially caught up by the pictures of your older children involved in the birth. We have three girls – all born at home. One of my favorite parts of my last birth was having my daughters there and involved throughout the pregnancy and birth. It truly felt like we were birthing a new member of our family, instead of just bringing home a baby. I was really captured by what you (Samantha) said about changing the next generation of birth because they learn to see this as normal. I am a second generation home birther. I will never be the same because of the way my mom raised me to trust birth, and I hope that I can pass this gift onto my daughter. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  13. Samantha says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words. You are correct that we are changing the next generation and that is so very important! Congratulations on your family of girls, they are such blessings to see grow into young ladies. Many blessings to you too!

  14. Nikole says:

    What a beautiful story and video!! And what a beautiful gift to your girls! Congratulations on a wonderful journey!