This isn’t Living, it’s Dying.

Via Candice Garrett
on Feb 13, 2011
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Unhappy in your life and your work? Some interesting thoughts on why that might be…


About Candice Garrett

Candice Garrett is a yoga teacher, writer, foodie and mother of three from Monterey, California. She is author of "Prenatal Yoga: Finding Movement in Fullness," assistant to Female Pelvic Floor Goddess Leslie Howard and director of the Nine Moons Prenatal Yoga teacher training program. Candice teaches yoga, prenatal yoga and pelvic health with workshops nationally. You can find her teaching schedule at Candice Garrett Yoga or her love of food at The Yogic Kitchen


7 Responses to “This isn’t Living, it’s Dying.”

  1. This needs to be spread far and wide – thanks Candice!

  2. Joe Sparks says:

    The society we presently live in is not a good society. It is not a very workable society from an intelligent point of view. It pretends to be a workable and acceptable society, and most people have been "trained" to "agree" (pretend) that it is an acceptable society even though they often grumble about and complain about some of the details, or blame themselves or other people for the ways it does not work. They tend to do this instead of seeing that society is fundamentally unfair and more, unworkable. This society pretends to be helpful to our work, to our education, to the relationships between us, and to our enjoyment of life. The basic purpose of this society, is to carry out a kind of robbery.

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  4. resourcetherapy says:

    I don't like to blame "society" for our ills, because it is only a concept, not a real person. I think what this movie illustrates is that individuals need to take responsibility for their lives, and that includes voting for people who will not enslave them as well as choosing creativity as a way to live.

  5. Joe Sparks says:

    I agree the complete responsibilty for everything is the relaxed, unforced, unobligated inherent attitude of each human being, except for the societies that exist in the world at present divide people into an "owning class" and a " working class" with part of the woring class called a "middle class". These societies are not usually as openly cruel and vicious as the slave-owner-slave societies or the feudal socities, but they are still very bad. They treat people unfairly and they create much misery and unhappiness all over the world.
    Our thinking has often been distorted and limited by the illusion that we are living in a stable society.

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