February 21, 2011

Wisconsin: a Speech for the Ages. {Share this one}

Respect for one another! That’s not how we do it! Democracy is slow and messy! Listen to the People!

Please do share—it’s not so much a partisan speech, either side could have given it at differnt points—it’s a guttural cry for democracy, in all its noble messiness. ~ Waylon

Click here for the 101 on the 411 (what’s up in Wisconsin).

Share this one up, people, and as I did cry Whooop! at the end if you’re feelin’ it. Gaddamn, sing it:


Click here for video, video not embedding.


Republicans are working overtime to push the controversial collective-bargaining-stripping “budget repair bill” through without the Democrats, even going so far as to begin voting before the State Assembly was scheduled to meet.

Rep Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) took to the floor of the State Capitol to call the GOP on their shady tactics with a galvanizing speech for the ages.

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Read 20 comments and reply

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