Christian Meditation~ March 5th.

Via Benjamin Riggs
on Mar 5, 2011
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Contemplative Prayer is a process of “un-learning.” It is the restoration of sanity. It is giving our will to God or returning that damn apple!

“To consider persons and events and situations only in the light of their effect upon myself is to live on the doorstep of hell. Selfishness is doomed to frustration centered as it is on a lie. To live exclusively for myself, I must make all things bend themselves to my will as if I were God. But this is not possible…

My freedom is not fully free when left to itself. It becomes so when it is brought into the right relation with the freedom of another… Our will is strengthened in obedience to the demands of objective reality.” ~ from No Man Is An Island by Thomas Merton

“Now it is time to listen… Really listen.

Put aside questions and answers. Just watch. What is happening, whats actually going on. Listen. Allow reality to speak for itself… When we listen, we allow thought to be a spontaneous expression of objective reality. We no longer need a watcher, someone to choose, because their is no longer a choice to be made. Things are just as they are. This is clarity. This is true freedom- freedom from choice!” ~from The Web Of Enlightenment Ben Riggs personal meditation & spirituality Blog

Fr. Thomas Keating, founder of Contemplative Outreach, explains the method of Centering Prayer.

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About Benjamin Riggs

Ben Riggs is the author of Finding God in the Body: A Spiritual Path for the Modern West. He is also the director of the Refuge Meditation Group in Shreveport, LA and a teacher at Explore Yoga. Ben writes extensively about Buddhist and Christian spirituality on Elephant Journal, and his blog. Click here to listen to the Finding God in the Body Podcast. To keep up with all of his work follow him on Facebook or Twitter.


4 Responses to “Christian Meditation~ March 5th.”

  1. YesuDas says:

    Great stuff! Charles Keating's work on Centering Prayer is a centerpiece of contemporary Christian contemplative practice. Thanks for bringing it to Elephant!

  2. Roger Wolsey says:

    For Boulder folk, centering prayer is offered at Wesley Chapel every Wednesday at 11:15AM-12PM. 1290 Folsom St.