March 23, 2011

Genghis Khan got with so many chicks there’s a .5% chance you’re related to him.

50 Cent? Bret Michaels? Ozzy Osbourne?


Update via the actual art director, with thanks: “they were not done by the Smithsonian? You can find the full story here.”

We’ve got nothing on history, “Historically Hardcore” points out. Bring it:

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caroline Mar 23, 2011 11:11pm

the smithsonian isn't down with these.. they were done by design students for a school project. what do you think the smithsonian didn't like?? .. here is some more work by one of the artists: http://cargocollective.com/jennyleighb

elephantjournal Mar 23, 2011 10:35am

Whitney R: I hate to be a buzzkill, but there's a good chance that many of those "chicks" were actually "gotten" through rape.

Jonathan W: ‎^ Well, no shit Sherlock.

elephantjournal.com Whitney: uggh. Well at least the other two ads above are still pretty right on.
32 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Jonathan W: Oh good grief. Please don't start on Genghis Khan with some psuedo-buddhist, politically correct, marxist-feminist revisionist, Andrea Dworkin wannabe critique.

Whitney R: Insightful comment, Jonathan. You've made me reconsider. Now that you mention it, my opposition to rape must stem from my feminist indoctrination in college. I now see that historical rape is actually funny.

Chuck Kreider so that explains it 😉

elephantjournal.com Comment award of the day, Whitney. Jonathan, your (let's keep it self-humorful, respectful, but not PC is great) move. ~ W.

Jonathan Winocour
Okay…let me see…I appreciate the "insightful" damning with faint praise, so let me just put a mirror on that, and ask how much "insight" it took to figure out Genghis Khan's numerous sexual "conquests" were not willing supplicants? What…'s more, if we're really gonna get interesting, let's talk about whether Brett Michaels is engaging in some species of "rape" (if you'll concede "rape" is an ill-defined term) by predating on the woefully stupid amongst the female population by showing them his stairway to heaven.

Brian: He was a conqueror. Divine say some. It was customary in his time to take from the vanquished. Women were considered to be bounty and property. I understand your anger at the hint of rape, but it has not been very long in history that women have the control of their lives like they do here today in America.

ARCreated Mar 23, 2011 10:01am

LOL!!!!! awesome!!

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