March 31, 2011

For Father’s Day: “The Wolf & the Medallion.” {Video}

April 28-May 1, 2011
Carbondale, CO

Here is a link to the Vimeo teaser

Jeremy Collin’s “The Wolf and the Medallion” was just announced to be world premiered at the 5Point Film Festival in Carbondale, CO – April 28-May 1, 2011. The live performance art piece will premier on Saturday, April 29, 2011 with live music and created art, Jeremy’s film premier of “The Wolf and the Medallion” and “atmospheric surprises”. This piece will blow your mind by taking over all senses, most importantly the sense of wonder.

The story “The Wolf and the Medallion” is from Jeremy Collins personal climbing adventure to the border of China and Mongolia, where rumors of a virgin canyon of granite gave a cultural, and vertical experience like none other. From from experience standing on the summit of the first peak he climbed there, Jeremy wrote a letter to his son back in the states that has become the script to the film. The performance is a journey of fatherhood, of brotherhood, and a life of adventure.

“The Wolf and the Medallion” is a 45-minute experimental media piece- utilizing animation, film, time-lapse drawings, and special effects (the film itself lasts about 15 minutes). The 5Point Film Festival is ecstatic to provide the experience to their audience and the 5Point Staff are waiting at the edge of their seats waiting to experience this performance first hand. Both the Five Point Film Festival and Garfield County have teamed up to bring this unusual presentation to the valley with the intent to share the joy, satisfaction, and empowerment of adventure and how it shapes us.

A little bit about Jeremy Collins…..

Jeremy Collins is an artist with a vertical perspective. He has been at the forefront of climbing-inspired art for the last twelve years. His work is seen in every issue of Rock & Ice and Alpinist magazines.His immense knowledge from experiences on walls of granite and sandstone around the world give him as an artist a view unlike any other. With five co-authored books behind him, he penned his first independent book- “INTUIT10N”– a 200-plus page coffee table book of his paintings, illustrations, and cartoons in 2009. His editorial illustrations and animations have been seen in Wall Street Journal, MSNBC.com, and Forbes among other publications.His 2010 film, Border Country was the first in a series of four films in which Collins’ goes in four directions from his home to climb new routes on walls of rock in different countries. His next film, The Wolf and The Medallion will premier as a multi-sensory, multi-media live performance event including live art, live music, film, and audience participation.This is the “east” portion of the series, and tells the story from a climb on the border of China and Mongolia done with National Geographic writer Mark Jenkins. The script is from the perspective of a letter written to his son at home in the United States. As with Border Country, Collins invites the audience into his personal life via his sketchbooks, journal writings and vulnerable heart-on-his-sleeve style of storytelling.

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