Homicide, Sexual Assault: two Lululemon employees: please pray for victims of tragedy.

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on Mar 14, 2011
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Update: disregard just about everything below. Click here for new info.

Homicide, Sexual Assault of two Lululemon employees: our prayers & hearts go out to victims of unnecessary, unspeakably sad tragedy.

elephant editor-in-chief Waylon Lewis’ statement: Rest in peace, dear brave open inspiring (see below) young Jayna Troxel Murray. And all of our prayers and best wishes to the other as yet unnamed victim of this heartbreaking and unnecessary tragedy. ~ ed.

Click here for some sexual assault resources. Please add any advice, resources in comments. ~ ed.

Comment from below this youtube video of Jayna:

“Just read about this terrible tragedy. RIP Jayna. You are in a better place now where you never have to worry about your safety again. You can go bungee jump any time you want now, may God bless your family and friends during this incredibly difficult time! Hopefully these sick individuals are caught and brought to justice.”


Pointed commentary below via Namaste Miami.

Lululemon issues Statement, Breast Photo in Wake of Sexual Assault & Homicide at Bethesda Store.

Lululemon finally issued a statement last night via Twitter, Facebook and their homepage regarding the brutal murder/sexual assault that took place Friday night in their Bethesda, Maryland location:

We are devastated by the tragic events at our Bethesda store. It is the outpouring of love that will get us through: http://bit.ly/ehMsYz


Facebook & Lululemon Homepage:
We are devastated by the tragic events at our Bethesda store. We are focused on providing support to those that are most immediately impacted by this tragedy, and we know that you all feel the loss as well. Thanks to all of you for your outreach to support our stores and the people impacted. It is the outpouring of love and concern that will get us through these tragic circumstances. In deep sadness, Christine Day


Does anyone else think it’s a little inappropriate to have a set of boobs accompanying this statement? We think a more appropriate…

…for the rest go to Namaste Miami,


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23 Responses to “Homicide, Sexual Assault: two Lululemon employees: please pray for victims of tragedy.”

  1. nonamenoform says:

    There is something very off about Lululemon in general in my opinion and this just proves it.
    It's beyond comprehension that they would issue this statement with this photo.
    They have no clue. Nor do they have much sensitivity towards women ironically the people they primarily serve.
    Their statement itself is devoid of much sensitivity.
    They strike me as a large corporate monster with a lot of motives that are not very yogic hiding behind
    a nice image, and lot of tight clothes.
    I'm a bit horrified.

  2. Alice says:

    I am too. Utterly shocked~makes me not want to support them ever again. .

  3. DRL says:

    I lived in the neighborhood where the first Lululemon opened. It is a trendy, commercial area and in my mind, there is nothing truly spiritual about this company at all. It has merely turned yoga into something you can buy, something you can wear, and something that gives you a tight butt. This press statement merely confirms everything I have always felt and makes me happy that I found other sources of yogawear that do seem to come from a much more authentic source. It is a terribly sad incident marred by corporate ickiness.

  4. magda says:

    ^ my apologies for missed letters in "this" and "heart".

  5. Laura says:

    I have a friend that worked at Lululemon and only had good thing to say abou his experience. They are a progressive corporation and pay for any and all athletics and yoga instruction for their employees. I for one do not find the photo offensive. It's a woman in yoga clothes. Stop hating on Lululemon. Go do some yoga or volunteer at a woman's shelter.

  6. I agree with you Laura. The picture is just of a woman in yoga clothes. I know everyone at Lululemon is heartborken over this and that is the only issue here. The senseless attack and murder. Stop trying to make something else out of this. You are all looking for something that is not there. Rest in Peace Jayna and love and light to her co-worker with her recovery.

  7. Ana says:

    It's ludicrous that you would look at a photo like this and immediately think "breasts!" Are you a horny pre-adolescent boy? The photo's obviously meant to evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, and there's nothing inappropriate or offensive about it. To turn this horrific tragedy into an opportunity to grandstand against "corporate ickiness" is shameful. (I also find it interesting that you mention your preference for more "authentic" yogawear. What exactly makes one brand of yogawear more "authentic"? Does the fact that someone's making a profit mean the company is somehow "inauthentic"?) I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with truly love, genuine people every time I've been in a lululemon. An employee is murdered and her co-worker assaulted and you're calling lululemon the "monster"? Your sensibilities are severely out of whack. How about some compassion for a company that is no doubt reeling and traumatized by this incident.

  8. Joe says:

    I think the last thing on Christine's mind was that people would be offended and attack her choice of photo. She was probably more concerned about crafting a respectful message than spending too much time on a photo.

  9. Joe says:

    If you think that the use of this photo communicates a lack of humanity on the employee's part, you have serious problems, and you need help. Ever hear of not reading too much into something?

  10. joe says:

    Your opportunism and the fact that you see a tragedy as a perfect time to criticize a company and its employees that are grieving is shameful.

  11. AlmadeLuz says:

    how can you be "a bit" horrified?

  12. elephantjournal says:

    I personally, frankly, don't see much wrong the the photo. Perhaps it could have been chosen more carefully, but the mudra of anjali or "namaste" is perfect generally for this occasion. I was alerted to this sad tragedy by the good folks at Namaste Miami, and initially expected to be more turned off by the use of said photo. I wasn't–which is why I topped their statement, and their perception is obviously echoed by others and valid in its own right–with a statement of heartbreak and compassion on behalf of elephant's readership.

    I think it's safe to say that what's important here is to do all we can do reduce crime and its causes, and to join in prayer for the innocent victims of this unspeakably wrong and unnecessary crime. ~ Waylon, elephant editor.

  13. next time come back as a woman who has been sexually assaulted joe. let's see what you say then.

  14. swati jr* says:

    and honestly if some of us seem "hyper sensitive" it is only because everyone else is completely numb to the patriarchy, over-sexualization and objectification that is considered normal these days. it is something that women and men have NO radar for anymore, hence a close up of anjali mudra with a blatant shot of breasts to express "heartfelt feelings" post sexual assault tragedy.

    instead of claiming that someone has "serious problems" for feeling objectified, might the compassionate approach be to ask why? as a man, living in a clearly male oriented world, you would benefit from having a little more sensitivity for the issues of women, what it is like on the day to day and how issues such as this effect us on deep psychological levels. the "problem" then becomes the individual who refuses to see, feel, or hear from another perspective. when the obvious has made the world go to sleep, it's time to really awaken.

    be a man joe, but feel like a woman.

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  16. Roger Wolsey says:

    seems it was an inside job and that there were no masked gunmen and no sexual assaults. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42160411/ns/us_news-c

  17. Ric says:

    Thank you Waylon. It may be that the criticism of the photo is representative of the sexually repressive culture that fuels much of the sexual assault and objectification of women. I see hands in focus in a yoga position. I see hands in focus in a prayer position. For people to focus out of focus breasts rather than the hands in a prayer position is more reflective of the viewer than of the photo. Are women supposed to pray in a different position because of hands come together in front of breasts? That is not too far away from blaming a rape victim for looking too sexy. I wonder if we look to be offended in our culture more than we look to be appreciative and supportive.

  18. Ric says:

    How would you position the hands? or perhaps a more poignant way to phrase the question might be – Would you cut off the breasts or the hands? Should a women contort her body to satisfy those afraid of sexuality or nudity? It is sad that the tragedy becomes a reason to criticize the company, but even sadder that a woman is criticized for having breasts – breasts that can be seen in a standard yoga or prayer position. The focus of the photo is the hands, which is see as a prayer for the loss of life and a hope for enlightened thought and healthy living. Why look beyond the focus?

  19. Ric says:

    And if the photo panned back to see a woman cross legged in a lotus, would the complaint be that her crotch is showing? Please think about where your focus is, what you chose to focus on.

  20. Ric says:

    Rachel, I wonder as I read comments here just who is objectifying. Those who focus on out of focus breasts – or those who see the hands in focus? Shall women wear repressive coveralls just because our culture is driven by sexually repressed males? Shall women be ashamed of their bodies because they are told to be ashamed of their bodies or because men objectify them? Please consider the empowerment you provide the objectifyers in bringing the breasts in the photo to the forefront in a photo that clearly focuses on hands in a form of prayer.

  21. Ric says:

    Yes. Bravo. We do not see things as they are as much as we see things as we are.

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