March 19, 2011

Surprising arrest made in tragic lululemon athletica Bethesda murder of Jayna Murray. {Prayers}

Above: Jayna Murray, the much-loved victim. Please join in offering your tonglen or prayers to Jayna, a delight & inspiration to many. ~ ed.

PS: How to do tonglen.

From lululemon athletica Bethesda‘s Facebook Page:

We ask that Friday evening at 8:30pm in the privacy of our own homes everyone could…light a candle and spend 5mins in silence in honor of Jayna, her family, the other victim, her family, the Lululemon community and all who are so deeply affected by this loss.


I’m a bit dazed by this turn of events and am not on the crime beat, and hope I don’t have to be much in the future. This is not our kind of news—but young Jayna Murray [click here for inspiring video] was our kind of heroine, and we elephants send our love and strength as a community to lululemon community and Jayna’s family and friends. ~ ed.

We sadly reported on the murder and sexual assault of two Lululemon yoga apparel employees at a Lulu store in Bethesda, last week. Basic situation was that one of those amazing bright lights, a well-loved young lady was killed when she and another employee returned to a store to get the other employee’s forgotten wallet. Two unidentifeed would-be thieves then walked in the door, left unlocked, and sexually assaulted one or both women, murdering one.

Now, it turns out, according to forensic evidence, there were only the two women in the store. The sexually assualted woman apparently beat herself as some point before or after murdering her colleague.

For more eloquent, sensical, professional info, click here.

The Lululemon company said in a statement, “We are grateful for the dedicated members of the law enforcement community who have been working diligently to solve this crime and apprehend those responsible. We also want to express our gratitude for the overwhelming expression of support and generosity from so many of you over this past week.

“Our first priority remains with the families and team members affected by this horrible tragedy and supporting them through the next stage of the recent developments.”

These are indeed Dark Ages—still, we all must take inspiration to work harder for the benefit of others in such difficult times, instead of giving in to grief or anger.

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