Strike one for moderate Islam! Whoo!

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 27, 2011
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And strike one against fundamentalism! Yow!

Where was my people? Where was my media?

This one will have you off your rocker, out of your seat, crying whooo!

Via What: Pakistani actress Veena Malik shuts down a Muslim cleric excoriating her for supposedly shaming Pakistan with her appearance on India’s Big Brother clone, Bigg Boss.



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15 Responses to “Strike one for moderate Islam! Whoo!”

  1. kajyoga says:

    Wow. Powerful woman. Go ahead Veena Malik- she schooled him.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    “You are not allowed to set eyes on me in my present condition. You should be punished in public, because charity begins at home. Clerics may look at a woman once, but if they look at her a second time, they must be punished. You deserve to be punished.”

    “Also if you want to do something for the glory of Islam…. [there is] bribery, robbery, theft and killing in the name of Islam. There are many things to talk about. Why Veena Malik? Because Veena Malik is a woman. Because I’m a soft target.

    “Pakistan is infamous for many reasons other than Veena Malik.”

    As the press has reported, Ms. Malik is in fact doing Pakistan proud, right about now. ~ Waylon

  3. blue13matt says:

    good share, dude.

  4. candicegarrett says:


  5. Chinadoll says:

    Wow, bet you won't see that on Fox news…What a powerful role model not only for Muslim women, but for all moderate Muslims – how about for humankind altogether. I just hope no one tries to make an example of her, or her family…..

  6. Rick Rollz says:

    Wish she'd give me some love.

  7. Michelle says:

    I'm so proud of her. What an amazingly brave woman.

  8. elephantjournal says:

    What does purity mean to you? I'd say kindness and compassion might be more holy, a more vital sign of one's love for God or life.



  9. elephantjournal says:

    Herb Deer she kicks so much ass, i love her

    Michelle Ryan She is my hero! So courageous of her to stand up to the ignorance and misogyny, holding her accusers to account for their own vast shortcomings. You go girl!

    Jennifer SK Funny how the fundie-cleric believes he speaks for "100%" of his fellow countrymen, including the entertainer's own family members. Ha! He slays himself; poor little man. Good for her, standing up to such small-minded ignorance.

  10. Nasir says:

    Shame on u….u just trying to humiliate Pakistan n Islam…

  11. Carol Horton says:

    This is one of the most arresting things that I've seen in a long time – incredible beauty, intelligence, and courage, speaking truth to power.

  12. Daniel Tanzo says:

    Very moving protrayal of courage and strength, and fearlessness to call him to account for himself and
    other Clerics. Fundamentalist, take all the fun out and become Duh mentalists

  13. Rebecca says:

    Hell yes!! Strong, eloquent and honest…rock it, Veena!!!

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