The Harder the Wife Works, the Cuter She Looks!

Via Tanya Lee Markul
on Mar 4, 2011
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Since the 50’s a lot has changed…or has it?

Are these for real? Ok, I’m pretty sure most of these ads are from the 50’s. Uhm, which one is the sexist one? Back in those days a man could work just about any blue collar job, drive a smooth ridin’ Chrysler and afford to buy a 4-bedroom pad (with a backyard) while his wife stayed at home with the little baby. Eh. Well, even if some of those things are true, even if these ads are real, it doesn’t mean that people weren’t misguided, right? Most people probably take the media as a pretty close to absolute truth. How does this effect the world we live in today?


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18 Responses to “The Harder the Wife Works, the Cuter She Looks!”

  1. Carol Horton says:

    Wow, how/where did you dig all these up?! I LOVE these sorts of historical artifacts – not so long ago but so far away – or is it??

  2. Hi Carol – funny and scary aren't they?! At first I didn't think they were real until I did a bit more googling and youtube-ing to find that they seem to be and there are also commercials associated with some of them – the Camels for doctors for example. So far away, yet not really. Totally agree.

  3. I've got to say though…the more driven a woman is toward her passion (the harder she works), she definitely becomes more attractive (the cuter she looks).

  4. Hey Chris – I can see that 🙂 And, I think it can go for both genders 🙂

  5. paul says:

    The dove soap add has crossed the paedophile line….

  6. sometimes i look at the ads for fashion today and i feel like we're right back in the 1950's unhealthy advertising. Some of the 2011 models look so sickly thin (or photo-shop thin) i wonder how they can be held up as a model of how to look. At least yoga helps us see that true beauty comes from within.

  7. i couldn't agree more 🙂

  8. yogi tobye says:

    I reckon you must work really hard Tanya 😉

  9. LOL – you know it! Hehehe. You best behave now Tobye! 😉 😉

  10. Alden says:

    Ha, they ARE pretty offensive. But I like the one with the poor crying wife who burned dinner. I feel her pain – I've done the same. But instead of breaking out some beer, my boyfriend ate those burnt bacon-wrapped scallops and LIKED IT.

  11. yogi tobye says:

    Just sayin'… 😉

  12. kathrynkonrad says:

    I don't get the one that says "keep her where she belongs" with a woman looking at a shoe. It makes absolutely no sense to me….how did anyone else read it? She belongs in the shoe??

  13. Great ads! I wonder what ads we do right now that 40 yrs from now people will find offensive.

  14. liska says:

    I don't get that one either – are we supposed to be on the floor? I thought we belonged by the stove or in the bed? Should I move the stove into the bedroom and crouch on the floor admiring my shoes while cooking dinner and waiting for the hubby to feel amorous? Living up to media expectations is hard business!

  15. Hi James…..ah, you just got me thinking! I suppose it depends on if we take a turn for the better or worse 🙂

  16. HAHA – nice Alden! 🙂

  17. Jaylin says:

    Way to use the ierntnet to help people solve problems!