Tibetan monk sets himself on fire to protest Chinese rule, is beaten, dies. Monks arrested, beaten.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 20, 2011
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Communist Chinese beat one of monks imprisoned after Tibetan Buddhist monk sets himself on fire, is beaten, dies.

Let’s remember this name.



“Phuntsog Jarutsang’s self-immolation is a window into the deep suffering and frustrations that Tibetans everywhere are feeling, and is an urgent cry for help that the global community cannot ignore.”

A report by a Tibet advocacy organization based in Washington, International Campaign for Tibet, or I.C.T., said that security officers doused Phuntsog’s flames, then beat and kicked him.

…for more, go to the New York Times.


…The incident took place in the market area of Ngaba town at around four in the afternoon of 16th March. When Phuntsog set himself alight, Chinese police arrived and put out the fire before beating him and attempting to move him into a waiting van. At this point reports say that a growing crowd of Tibetans moved in to protect Phuntsog from further beatings. “Chinese police and security people present in the area immediately came to the scene and kicked and beat him as they extinguished the flames” said Tsering, a monk at the ‘twinned’ Kirti monastery in India, which has connections with Kirti in Ngaba, Tibet. Reports confirm that Phuntsog has since died, probably as the result of burns.

Update: Amid heavy Communist security, thousands bravely attend funeral.


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7 Responses to “Tibetan monk sets himself on fire to protest Chinese rule, is beaten, dies. Monks arrested, beaten.”

  1. Stressless says:

    Thousands of years a culture/people have been on this earth to evolve, transcend and we still are working with Neanderthal behavior

  2. Surati says:

    May the seed of his death, be the seed of Freedom for the people of Tibet, may it grow and prosper and may the true tibetan culture flourish. His life and intention has great value. May he be a blessing to untold numbers of tibetans in Tibet.

  3. elephantjournal says:


  4. Padma Kadag says:

    We always think that those that die or pass on are going to a better place…""where now he/she will be at peace". Maybe after a long illness or an accident of horrendous suffering we always want the individual, in most cases, to believe the individual to be in a more peaceful state beyond suffering. If this were the case then certainly suicide would be a viable way to end suffering. But the fact of the matter is we don't know the individual's experience after death and they are not all the same. Everyone it seems has gone or is going to heaven. Then why the need for the Buddha? Monks should not take their own lives. Certainly wishing them to be reborn in the realm of the gods is better than being reborn in Hell. Why not direct your prayers to not being reborn at all…beyond all karma. The gods are subject to karma just as the beings now residing in a hellish state are…. as this monk's teachings state. I do not know the mind of this monk nor do i know his rebirth…but I will say this is a tragedy of ignorance and it should not be admired.

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